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Posted by AstralBooBaby on April 1, 2022 at 12:10 AM

Above, is the image of another prominent figure in the religious community (this is not Pastor Dwayne Dawkins) and his wife and a still frame of him being secretly recorded, while having relations with another man. The video was uploaded a few years ago and started a firestorm of controversy. The married downlow man was so distraught over the scandal that he was (allegedly) placed on suicide watch. 

Although there have been countless videos of people being secretly recorded, while having sex with another or others (orgies) without their consent or awareness since the publishing of my very first video warning of these times…. I’ve decided to use the latest sex scandal involving a married Pastor by the name of Dwayne Dawkins and another man as not only another teachable moment but a starke reminder of just how real and widespread these scenarios are and will continue to be. 


With the emergence of popular websites such as; OnlyFans and private subscription base sites, such as Patreon, there has been massive surgencies of influencers with a very large audience and platforms as well as everyday people, seeking to profit by way of producing XXX adult content on said platforms -- the surge and interest to compete for an opportunity to get well paid and/or famous for producing riske' content appears to be tempting many far and wide and reasonably so, because according to -  content makers of pornographic media are among the top 10 money earners of OnlyFans.

As you view one of my archived videos (below) where I address the connection between depression and our sexual activity – you will also hear me give very clear and specific warnings, eerily identical to not only the aforementioned Pastor but many others, since the publishing of my predictive warnings, nearly ten years ago. 

Since I am not interested in outing anyone particularly or airing-out anyone’s dirty laundry, I will continue presenting my predictive warnings and revelatory content in a way that addresses highly likely trajectory, based on the behavioral patterns that I witness at the moment of the reading and not the specific name(s) of the person(s) who are participating in the behavior.

In closing, some of my most loyal viewers and supporters will contact me and to make me aware of a prediction and reading that I had made in the past that has played out – just as well, I will also post and share reminders and paper trails every now and then, so that my YOU may be inspired to remain alert and ahead of the curb. Hence, WATCH YOUR STEP as you travel out and about through the most interesting times in world history!


One of Astralboobaby’s Earlier Video’s Predictive Warning About Sex, Lies and Video Tapes;

Viral Video of Married FL. Pastor On Camera Having Sex With Another Man;



Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 11, 2022 at 5:20 PM

Due to continued ghost banning, censoring and suppression of comments, commentary and content of specific subject matters on all popular media platforms – I have decided to post this bit of intel and reminder on this platform instead. I encourage you to share this link with those you feel would be most receptive…

For starters, I would like to state for the record that if you are reading this blog – CONGRATULATIONS on making such a huge shift but we are not completely out of the woods yet – as more of us accelerate in frequency; the opposition will be pushing more ‘rumors’ of a HOT war, which I do not see playing out on the timeline that we are on. However, the war on the mind; the free flow of information and the soul rages on via AI (artificial intelligence) and spiritual warfare.  I would be remiss if I were not to state that this ‘covid’ situation is politicized (by design), which is one of the reasons why all things in relation to it, has gone as so much longer than it would have under a system that truly cares about the fair and equal treatment of all life but I digress.

This blog is here to bring some attention to another prediction that I had made that is beginning to unfold. If any of you guys would care to look at my very first livestream on YouTube; March 20, 2020 and a couple of other livestreams not long after the first one – you will see that how accurate most of my readings on covid-19 has been, including the ‘potential’ that the said virus was/is man-made. Some of you may already recall that I had stated that the number of deaths due to covid would be ‘inflated’ in order to scare and/or frighten more people into consenting to be vaccinated. Lol and behold; this video showed up on my timeline feed;


One thing that I have learned about this God-driven ability and/or gift, is that whenever I ‘see’, ‘dream’ or ‘sense’ all-things ‘unseen’, and it’s unwavering and unshakable – I have yet to be off -- here’s why I trust my intuition like never before! More fascinating predictions to come and trust, in the biggest scheme of things – all of these events unfolding is for a greater good.


As more revelations and massive secrets and truths are incrementally being revealed or shall I say ‘unveiled’ – I encourage you to remain your authentic self; be mindful of who you are sharing your energy with (especially those who are sexually active) and most of all, continue to question, learn and grow!



Your Most Recent Q&A Answered By ABB...

Posted by AstralBooBaby on December 19, 2020 at 12:35 AM

As mentioned at the end of my livestream on posted on YouTube Oct 30, 2020, I have copied and paste the questions that several of you asked and have answered them below. As always – take whatever resonates and leave all else behind. And by all means, if you can, please support this website and more content at; Cashapp $Astralboobaby or by way of  Paypal


1. “Hey ABB. Have you noticed the energy change. Seems more positive”.

Absolutely! I’ve actually stated this in one of my livestreams… The energy has been very peaceful, calm and tranquil since the forced ‘lockdown’ and despite of what clearly appear to be very calculated efforts to disrupt these energies with waves of fever pitched disinformation, dissension, confusion, division, fear mongering and social unrests. However, none of this is not enough to break or completely neutralize this massive magnetic energy – it’s still very present; we just have to stay connected to it as much as possible and drown out the distraction and noise.


2. “why does everyone have an only fans”


Having an ‘Only Fans’ account is not only trendy but apparently – it is a very quick and easy way to make a ton of money, especially if one is a huge influencer and is ok with doing ‘sexual’ things on camera. Unfortunately, people are becoming more desperate for fame, attention and money and are willing to do anything for all of it… Add in the ‘normalization’ of ‘demoralization’ for a ‘bag’, we now see how and why so many are lining up and signing up for an Only Fans account BUT as I’ve stated in one of my most recent lives regarding this trend – there’s a price that come along with it (particularly those who are using it to make pornography) that I don’t think most are aware of… For nothing in this matrix comes that much in abundance, so quickly and easily without a bigger ‘hidden’ price.


3. “How chaotic are we talking about? Mad max?” (Question in response to a talking point, where I stated that we will see more chaos unfold as the result of what’s unfolding in the world)”


Based on the current trajectory that we are on, I don’t foresee things getting to a Mad Max level but it’s going to definitely be bumpy, especially for those who didn’t properly prepare or those who don’t have the highest knowledge and awareness… I see riots and even Civil War, especially surrounding the outcomes related to political scenarios (scandal, massive corruption and deception) and the upcoming ‘mandatory’ vaccinations... However, I strongly advise everyone to not focus too much on what may happen and focus more on what’s most important in your life now and just prepare for the worse. Most of all, never fear and trust the process as you refuse to give into fear.


4. “Will there be more lockdowns. There are in Europe?”


I have stated in a livestream last August or September, that I sensed that they will try to force lockdowns in certain parts of the world this second time around, but the people will begin rebelling (and that’s exactly what’s happening now). The rebellion and revolt will catch on as more citizens begin waking up and seeing what’s ‘really’ going on.


5. “what are your thoughts on planet Nibiru?”


I honestly don’t have a lot of thoughts on this topic but I would be remiss if I were not to state that I have heard a lot about planet Nibiru over the years from various sources. However, I haven’t had enough experience or personal knowledge to speak on in great detail. I will admit that from my general read on the situation – it is very real and there’s obviously a historical connection between this planet (world) and the past and present state of man and man-kind of earth and beyond… This is all that I have on the matter, but should I receive more intel or download regarding this planet, I will blog or vlog about it.


6. “ABB what do you think we should be doing to be able to anchor in more energy at this time (besides get rid of energy suckers)”


Please reference question number 11, and check out the many videos I have already done on this matter in my archives – you can start with this one. How To Overcome Hardships and Adversity! - YouTube



7. “Hey ABB is their lower beings in the 4th layer in the astral realm. That you told me I frequently travel to help those who are lost but seek redemption”.


Yes! There are lower astral forms in the lower planes who feed off anguish, desperation, fear, pain, misery and suffering of spirits and souls there. Aside from the ‘hell’ that one experiences being confined to a dense fleshly form with such extreme limitations and all that comes along with it… I would say that these realms are likened to a ‘hell’ for those who are disembodied but no soul-being is or will be there for all eternity. All will forever have a way out and all will always be given the chance at redemption and recompense, but no one can force it on them – they have to ask or reach out for it, when they are genuinely ready.


8. “Are there some beings on the astral plane that pretend to be scary looking to protect them selves, but are really beings of light”.


Yes! Very much so but it also happens in the reverse – they can appear to be attractive, loving and caring but are actually hideous – those who are superficially wired are most trusting with the later… Here’s why we must begin learning how to discern on a more deeper level… Once we get to this level – we will easily see through them; no matter what disguise they use.


9. “abb, what powers do our higher selves have?”


Any and everything that you can possibly imagine… Remember, the higher to highest self are the closest version to Source itself. They are not bound by the same limitations, physics and resistance that we contend with in dense matter… Therefore, anything Source can do – WE CAN. It’s all a matter of mastering the mind and the powerful potentials it has.


10. “How can you be helped or receive teaching from higher beings when roaming the astral?”


There’s an old saying that goes ‘The teacher will come when the student is ready’… Having stated the aforementioned – I do not advise anyone calling on any force to come in because if one is not mature or strong enough in this regard, he/she unconsciously summon or bring something very sinister and deceitful into their energy. It is best to continue working on your-SELF first and foremost. As you work on ‘self’, from an honest and pure place as you mentally state that you are only open to loving, trustworthy divine assistance when the time is right – the best teacher will come in and help, expecting nothing in return.



11. “What can we do to help others and prepare?” (meaning the ascension process)


At this point, all you can do is show and teach by example because there are people who are still unreceptive to anything of this nature. We cannot force or brow-beat anything into anyone. However, if you feel inclined to share your thoughts on the matter with another, do so delicately. For instance, you can casually state the things you are doing to prepare for whatever – if they ask questions regarding this; go ahead and share but if you sense or feel that they are not receptive, do not push it. If they show signs of being receptive; advise them to disengage from mainstream media; social media (especially the most pushed and promoted platforms) and being spending more time in meditation, eating less, detoxing, fasting, stocking up on essentials; cleaning house (which also mean letting go of people and relationships that are not longer serving them). And finally, do more things that make them feel most like when they were a child; be like a child.



12. “How many years old are you Abb combining all your cycles?”


From what I have gaged, this is my first cycle… When we incarnate – we are not here for just one lifetime, we must stay until a cycle is complete. Say for instance, a cycle is 26,000 years but within those cycles, a soul may have 200 incarnations. The cycle that I came into is approximately 6,000 years ago but have only had 26 lives. Keep in mind that some of those lives, I lived to be hundreds of years old because the climate and concept of birthdays and beliefs, programs of getting ‘old’ didn’t exist then. I can’t give you a number to a science as to my age within cycles but I am very clear that it’s well in the thousands and my soul-core-self is far, far older than that…. I would be remiss if I were not to add that ‘time’ and ‘age’ is main-made construct to control and manipulate outcomes. Essentially, everything simply IS occurring all at once – we are just shifting perspectives and evolving multi-dimensionally simultaneously.



13. “is covid really real?”


I had done a live read on the covid virus back in April, 2020… Yes, it’s is real but what I don’t’ feel is real are the numbers of death due to covid, nor the most infected group(s). The vast majority who get the virus, survive it… And many who have passed are wrongly being labled as passing from covid… Both situations are inflating the numbers and making this situation seem far worse than what it is. Also, I don’t feel that this virus is being passed in the way the media is stating… I strongly feel that the people who are ‘activating’ the virus are those who have taken flu-shots in the past and that there’s external forces activating the time-released germ. Think about it, why aren’t any babies or children getting the virus, if it’s being passed person to person? Stop and think! I strongly sense that this ‘pandemic’ was planned for years now and set into motion to justify mandatory vaccines for a desperate ‘service-to-self’ end game.


14. What is the difference between a soul and a spirit?


In gist/laymen; a soul (core-self) is solar-energy and IS therefore, universal (unrestricted) everlasting life BUT a spirit is a byproduct and/or component of electro-magnetic energy and can only exist in the realm or plane it was generated (has inherent restrictions). Unlike a soul – a spirit does not have everlasting life in-itself. For it needs a host or external structure to exist or survive.


Election Revelations and More!

Posted by AstralBooBaby on December 12, 2020 at 5:10 PM

Due to severe censorship and suppression of content that goes against mainstream narratives, especially concerning election fraud and corruption in the upper echelons of global influence, I’ve decided to post my thoughts, reminders and revelations here. Please read what I share with an opened mind and as always, only take what resonates and leave the rest behind…

If you are relying on the mainstream media or heavily promoted social media influencers to really ‘see’ what's really going on in or collective reality – you are being grossly mislead and deceived like never before... I had forewarned in a couple of livestreams (well before the election) that 'team Trump', will get back into the White House by DEfault – I did not come right out and share my prediction on what was to come because I knew that the ‘compromised’ YouTube/Google platform would use my words against me under the guise of ‘failing to adhere to their Community Guidelines’ (which is really selective censorship), which could give them ammunition to either delete my content or add a ‘strike’ to my YouTube channel…. I would be remiss if I were not to state that I have never received any violations in eleven (11) years because I saw the game for what it truly was but still played by ‘their’ rules.

In my most recent livestream and post, to my Community wall on YouTube, I had cryptically hinted on coming events that have begun playing out thereafter and now… Once again and for the record, I am non-partisan… I am not into politics at all but I can and will call it like I see it; minus bias and being in my ego… I support what is right and fair and make no mistake about it – I sensed then and still have ZERO doubt that Trump had ‘rightfully’ and ‘legally’ won this election by a landslide… I also picked up that there would be a very calculated effort to hijack and steal the election, which is why I did not say that he would ‘win’ in the traditional sense of the word….

I strongly saw and sensed that members associated with the DEmocratic party (hence the Biden/Harris ticket) was/is greatly compromised with powerful 'foreign' forces (Communist China)… The latter is also true for the mass media and all popular media platforms…To the viewers who had read my community post on YouTube; I had given another clue regarding what would come out or unfold around this election… I used the word ‘SCANdal’, as a double-entendre… The aforementioned was warning regarding the Biden’s family long history with Communist China as well as the ‘SCAN’ (in all caps); in reference to the voting machines that has deceptive SCANNING capabilities… The ‘scanning’ feature within these foreign made and manufactured machines can be easily manipulated (more evidence of this will come out any day now) … Hence, after a voter card has been scanned into the machine, one who has the right ‘key’ and access, can go in and manually change anything on the ballot and none would be the wiser (or so they thought) … When we truly begin connecting smaller dots, which will inevitably lead to bigger and greater dots -- the implications are staggering and may be an extremely hard pill for many 'trusting' Americans to swallow.

Near the second term of the Obama administration, I had seen a televised interview of Donald Trump (the actual show I don't clearly recall); he was talking about the Obama's (and Vice President Biden) foreign affairs with China... In this interview, he was speaking on how China was ‘criminally’ cheating and robbing America in trade and taxes. I distinctly remember how passionate and disgusted he appeared to be… He was very adamant about how much the Obama administration needed to ‘fix’ this problem or America will end up in big trouble! It was also around this time that Trump brought up the possibility that Obama may not qualify to be President because he (allegedly) was not born in America. Remember the birth-certificate controversy? And how the media spun Trump’s questions regarding the former President elects’ qualifications into a 'racial' and/or 'racist' narrative? What better way to deflect the people from a greater truth, than by bringing up trigger words like ‘racist’ or ‘racism in order to lure them into their lowly emotions?’ The media has been using race and racism as a political and divisive tool to spin, dismiss and manipulate the narrative for a long time now but the people are really starting to catch on to this mind-game as well. Don't get me wrong, racism is a very real sickness in this country but it has been greatly politicized... I’ve said it before and I will state it again – Trump was a perfect catalyst to reveal the REAL systematic racism whereby the general public can no longer deny it. At the same time, he is helping to counter and expose widespread corruption that is and will negatively affect ALL Americans, regardless of ‘race’, ‘shade’, political affiliation, creed, religion and so on! Trump had long since seen what was unfolding but who would have believed him then? Many struggle to believe him to this very day, due mostly to a vicious media campaign to scrutinize, spin, discredit and mock everything thing he does or say.... I strongly feel that Trump’s decision to run for the highest office is partly rooted in what He had seen unfolding – He genuinely got in the game to help save the republic and restore the republic!

Another read that I feel compelled to share is this; I don’t believe that most Americans realize that for some time now – the lower courts are not operating under constitution law… The lower courts are operating under admiralty and corporate law. The USA has long been turned into corporation; this is one of the reasons why so many lower courts have supposedly ‘thrown’ out ‘Team Trumps’ lawsuits without a single hearing, investigation, or in-depth review. Keep in mind, that not one judge in the lower courts had one hearing nor had they truly looked at any of the collected evidence, which is abundant and growing! And now, the highest court in the land has done the same as the lower courts BUT this was/is the nail in the coffin… This outright failure of the members of the Supreme Court to not even consider a hearing despite all that’s come out has essentially kicked the sleeping giant so hard that the exposure of the widespread fraud should be blatantly obvious! Why are they refusing to at least investigate? Why won’t they at least allow hearings? What are they afraid of, it there’s nothing wrong occurring? These are rhetorical questions but you see, all of this had to ‘play out’ for the people to finally SEE what others who have been called ‘crazy’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ and any other dismissive ‘trigger’ title or word, have been saying for a very long time!

I had long since foreseen that forces here and foreign would use their puppets of power and influence to push an anti-Trump narrative and censor, suppress or outright delete any counter response to the anti-Trump campaign… Those of US who can ‘see beyond the veil’, discern or have critical thinking abilities have always known that all of this was planned years in advance (including this "pandemic” and everything that has come along with it). This ‘pandemic’ literally wrecked Trump’s great economy… Trump was radically changing the game despite tremendous incorporation, pushback, and slander… The ‘pandemic’ and massive shutdowns and lockdowns wreaked havoc Trumps economic success and has caused the loss of many jobs and many small businesses as major corporations remain fully operational. We also see/saw politicians mandating that the public practice ‘social distancing’, wear masks, stay at home but yet, many of them expose their hypocrisy; being seen in public, in close proximity with strangers and with one another -- wearing no masks. Others have been caught traveling and living their lives and coming and going as they please. Its rather obvious that ‘they’ clearly know something that the people don’t (not yet anyway) …

My next talking point is in relation to ‘covid-19’ virus and the vaccines soon to be pushed on the people… Aside from intuitively sensing tremendous negative energy from all of it – I still decided to do a calibration read on both the ‘virus’ and the vaccines… I got a strong negative (-) 499 on both! In laymen, the calibration number confirms that this is all coming from a wicked ‘service-to-self’ collective state of consciousness. I also sense that there’s nano technology (microchips) in those vaccines. The technology used in these vaccines will not only allow tracking of the people, but it can influence our thought process and overwrite RNA. The good news is that there are unseen righteous forces and powers who will neutralize the effectiveness of these vaccines. Since they cannot ‘force’ the people to take the vaccines, they will mandate it by way of no employment; no attending public schools; no flying on planes; no health insurance perks; no government assistance; no concert attendance, etc., IF you do not have a covid-19 vaccine certification. The most vulnerable and those who do not have a lot of choices to outright deny the vaccine, such as healthcare workers, institutionalized elders, etc. will most likely be vaccinated but again, the good news is that there are powerful unseen forces who have and will continue to mute out the effects of the vaccines until the people revolt and thwart the mandatory vaccine campaign altogether.

Before I conclude this blog, I would like to remind you all of something very important in this regard… Before Donald Trump was sworn into office, I had done a calibration reading on the President months before taking office and a few months after entering office and in both readings, I strongly picked up that he would not complete a full term… I did not specify how or why I picked up on this read because there were too many potential trajectories that could play out… I could not narrow it down to one final potential… At this point, the worst potentials by the wicked to remove President Trump has failed … Having stated that, the trajectory that IS playing out and the one that supports my reading is this; the Donald Trump that was sworn in as President and the one that I had done my original reading on – is not really the same Trump(s), in the White House and on the media… If one is paying close attention – you too just might see what I am hinting at… The real or (original) Trump is very safe and protected ‘elsewhere’ but the spirit and determination of all that he is and stands for is very present and being carried out via his ‘copies’, along with a force and power that is truly beyond this world! We are witnessing multidimensional chess being played out right before our eyes, but the movers are still unseen, but the shakers (the awakened people) are taking to the streets and revolting and rebelling! The great awakening that I and others have been talking about for years is HERE and has gone to the next level! Civil war is imminent, BUT I do not see it lasting very long… The main point that I would like to remind you all of is this --- No matter what happens; NEVER FEAR; trust the process and never forget that YOU ARE and WILL ALWAYS be LOVED BEYOND MEASURE, which is why the fight for your/OUR collective FREEDOMS RAGES ON!  



Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 27, 2020 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (2063)

As stated in my live-stream, published on YouTube on August 16, 2020 - I briefly shared a visitation experience by way of an astral layer within my bedroom space... I also mentioned that I would likely recreate the image of the group of Beings who showed up in a parallel window (portal) within the same space of my bedroom… They were lurking in on me as I was enjoying a telepathic engagement with my dearly departed mother, who’s energy was right next to me......


When I had awakened on the astral plane to which I could perceive these Beings -- I noticed three were already peering in on me and then another came and another... About 6 to 8 of them were eagerly gathering into the window... They seem like really joyful and happy creatures! They were all chattering at a high pitch, which sounded sort of chip-monkish but once I had zoomed in on the one that first that caught my mind's eye and I literally heard it chanting 'how do you do?' over and over again! This was an immediate reminder of my mother who transitioned the end of 2018… Hence, when my mother lived on earth, she greeted everyone she met with a very enthusiastic 'how do you do?'....


No doubt about it -- these Beings were clearly intelligent, but they were also magical, majestic-like, beautiful, adorable, cute and energetically alluring all at once times 100! The vision was one thing, but their energy was something else... It was obvious that they really wanted to come to me! It was also obvious that they knew me but obviously I did not consciously remember or know them. At one point, they had begun projecting through the portal (window) in order to get to me, but I mentally told them to not come in and they obliged. It was at this point that the older of the group telepathically stated, "I don't think that not even He knows who he is and how great He is!"


These Beings looked alike but there were subtle variations in their features and personalities... The image below is the best I could do in order to demonstrate how they looked. I didn't see the lower part of their body, but the upper form was pretty close to what you are seeing here... The most obvious physical traits were their large heads - which reminded me of a humanoid child's head and they literally glowed from within of beautiful bright white!... The most stunning attribute were their eyes -- they looked like super luminous yet, sparkly and shimmering jet-black diamonds. This picture does not do them any justice but hey, it is what it is. To all my astral, inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional travelers out there – have you ever seen Beings like these? If so, I would love to hear your take on who they are.


Revelations About The 'Instant' Manifestation and Appearance of 'Some' Angels | A Reality that Has Never Before Been Shared Or Reported!

Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 26, 2020 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (2659)

Originally posted on the homepage of, Janurary

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

We've all heard and read many stories from people who have made claims that angels have seemingly come out of nowhere at a time of great peril or danger to save them or help them in some form or fashion. As a matter of fact, you may have had your own experience and I most certainly have several of my own but I will get into one of such later in this article! On the opposite end of the aforementioned, there are people don't believe that angels in the literal sense of the word does not exist and that there's a logical explanation behind any shared experience that appears. No matter what side of the debate we are on, the reality is that the idea, belief and concept of angels have been found within many cultures, schools of thought and belief systems around the world.


The word "angel" is typically used to describe anyone who brings a message to another, whether a human being, spirit and in some instances, animals. Within some religions, angels are spirit messengers who bring messages of truth to aid mankind, while conversely, 'fallen angels' bring forth messages of untruth to lead people astray and cause division and confusion within the collective of humanity. However, as I have repeatedly stated over the years, when it comes to the true and 'fluid' nature of reality - truths can be found in just about all schools of thoughts, belief systems and perceptions. The thing that makes a thing or belief true is the level of consciousness and awareness level of the one who's perceiving or experiencing, is on. Given that I have had so many experiences and validation with matters far outside and beyond conventional thought, belief and logic, I will now share information that I have never shared in the public domain as to how 'some' of those 'perceived' angels have and continue to appear and disappear and who's really behind them. What I share in this regard, may really surprise some or make others uncomfortable but as always, only take what resonate! What I share is/was 100% witnessed, experienced and verified by me!

There are real cloaked star-ships (some may say UFOs or alien crafts) all around this plane of collective consciousness and among the occupants are are highly evolved multi-dimensional and extraterrestrial and/or inter-dimensional life forms. Some of these Beings were seen and thought of as 'God' by our primitive and ancient ancestors. Some of those Beings are sleeping in hyperbaric chambers remaining in suspended animation, while having a fully present and conscious physical life in a human body, while others operate as occasional intermediaries and areal support for their kin who are living on ground and certain chosen bloodlines. I am talking about extraterrestrials who are not only very advanced in technology but they are highly advanced in spirituality, telepathy, metaphysics and quantum physics. Not to mention, the particular group that I recall interacting with are very psychic, which is why they had such large protruding foreheads - making way for large frontal lobes. Just imagine what a group, who's millions of years ahead of man and mankind in all of the said systems and abilities could or would be capable of doing? We are talking about Beings who are so advanced, that they have built star-ships and the likes that are alive, intelligent and self aware! Not only that - these Beings can interface with the consciousness of these ships with their own telepathic and psychic mind power! I am talking about ships and Beings who are multidimensional; part artificial intelligence (technology) and part advanced consciousness! Surely, when we consider all of this, we can clearly see how these Beings would produce and do things that would appear supernatural or even Godly like from the average human's perspective.



Now, I will share with you what I recalled and witnessed being on a star-ship (in astral form) with our star family several years ago... I was astrally teleported to into a very large star-ship. I had no fears or worries because I intuitively knew these Beings and I also had a familiar feeling of the experience; the environment and state of travel! I had done this many times before, although I didn't have a conscious memory of this before this experience that I am about to share. I remember them giving me a tour of their ship and I also remember that we communicated telepathically with one another! The first vivid memory I have in this regard was seeing what appeared to be a interesting looking console connected to a tier approximately 9 feet above the ships floor and just beneath the tier was a huge monitor/panel that was facing up upward. The floor monitor/interface (equivalent to a desktop computer monitor) resembled a huge digital black and white checkerboard computer grid within a pool shaped frame. The monitor/floor panel built into the bottom floor of the ship was about 40 square feet.

Are Angels Always Hovering Nearby, On Guard to Protect Us ...


I remember thinking that the console and floor monitor/panel for them, reminded me of a keyboard controlling a desktop and monitor system BUT what they had was much larger and eons ahead of any technological system that we have on earth! Unlike us, they literally use their own mind power as apart of the system's interface! I literally, witnessed one of the males use his mind to build up a 3D digital black and white checkered outline and grid a woman's form. The image literally stood up and out of the floor monitor/panel and right before my mind's eyes! The next thing I saw was that clothing; a face, hair and a realistic woman was standing in the middle of the floor monitor/panel! Again, this was being put together through the system by the will of the Being's own mind! The woman he was creating by thought, appeared just as solid and real as anything that I have ever seen! It was not long before the woman began moving, looking around, blinking and looking as a real biological woman walking on earth would. He also showed me examples of how they can pretty much build out anything that their mind can imagine.

Ironically, back on March 14, 2010 -- I had published a YouTube video sharing only a small aspect of this experience because I didn't want to divulge too much, too soon. In that video, I had shown a couple of drawings, depicting what the Beings that I am talking about looked like and a strange pet and side kick of theirs, which looked like a cross between a llama and dolphin (see Real Alien Pet In 3D video below). Ironically, a viewer saw that video was inspired to use a software called Modo, to do a 3D replica of the drawing of the creature that I had depicted in the same video. After I had seen the video of the finished product, I realize that the black and white grid typically used to create in the Modo software looked identical to the black and white checkerboard grid that I had seen on the star-ship!

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First video that I had done, 'lightly' touching on the experience that I am sharing in this article.

My main focus in this video was to show a drawing of the star-brothers and their

very interesting side kick.

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A viewer saw the video above and was inspired to replicate the ET animal in 3D, using Modo software. It appears that the maker of this video edited out the steps and details he used to replicate the dolphin creature in the video above.

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Another video by the man who had done the Real Alien Pet In 3D video. I am sharing this video because the black and white checker grid effect he used in this and the previous video, looked identical to grid blueprint the star brothers used to demonstrate how they build up their multidimensional holograms.

I never told anyone of this full circle validation and here's the bottom line and secret that my star-family showed and told to me. In essence, they use the digital floor panel and interface console to create interactive holograms and place them anywhere they choose and will animate, control and operate them remotely. Once they build up the hologram within their technological base (be it human, animal or really anything they want), they simply project or teleport the hologram like a frequency band, anywhere in an instant! Remember, it's all controlled by their thought and mind power! Not only could their holograms appear just as solid and real as anything around us but if we were to touch them, they will feel just as real and solid as anything within the environment or material plane that they project their hologram within! Talk about an assimilation!


Although we are specifically talking about angels - the implications behind this level of technology is truly staggering! For example, think about the stories of cars appearing and disappearing out of nowhere? That very well could of have been a holographic projection from a star-ship! I recall being in situations where I was in danger and a car or someone would just appear out of nowhere - I have no doubt that this was the work of our star brothers and sisters! When my deceased mother tried to get her self to the hospital at night, in the a.m. but couldn't make it all of the way before loosing consciousness. The hospital reports show that a 'tall man' found her pulled over on an overpass slumped over the wheel in a 'confused' state. He gathered my mother and her personal belongings and took my mother to the emergency room. The strange man ensured that all of her personal items were secured and that she was registered and taken in before He left. To this day, we have no leads on this man and the reason is because I have no doubt that the 'good Samaritan' and/or 'angel' was/is a projection by our star family.

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Here's a perfect example of what could very well be a

holographic projection from a star ship - not some 'phantom'

or 'ghost vehicle' as many have already called this ordeal.

Just as our star family can use their advanced holograms and/or assimilation's to help, save and protect us if/when danger is looming IF the potential experience is not apart of our soul contract, lesson or agreement; they will also use these holograms to test or challenge us! They may project holograms of people appearing poor and asking for help (knowing that you can help because they are very psychic and telepathic). They may project a hologram of one who's homeless, handicapped, destitute and so on needing and asking for help and trust me when I tell you, they are taking notes! So, it is true when they say, be careful how you treat strangers because you really just might be in the presence of an angel but in this case, you may be interfacing with a real highly advanced extraterrestrial gatekeeper or steward!

6 Reasons How And Why The Veil of Amnesia Operates As A Positive Reinforcement | For the Evolution and Purpose of the Soul

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Written by; ABB aka Astralboobaby


As I always say – this entry is for informational purposes only. As always, only take what resonates and leave the rest behind...

I had published a video on my main YouTube channel on September 25th, 2019, presenting a subject matter that involved meta-physical and spiritual events surrounding my dearly departed mother and my surviving yet grieving sister. One of the main talking points within the said video was the subject matter of the veil of amnesia, and why and how my sister's story is but one example of how this temporal condition can work for our betterment. In the same video, I mentioned that I would eventually produce and publish a video giving other positive reasons as to why amnesia is a positive by-product of dense physical life but I've changed my mind as to how I would like to present my revelations. Instead, I've decided to actually write an article so that all talking points are covered and documented for good measure.

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Sister, Faye and Astralboobaby speak candidly about a powerful lucid dream that lead to

a necessary veiling of memories from grieving sister and our dearly departed mother

"We are not our bodies nor are we are really our plot in life or circumstance! We are energy, mind and awareness experiencing the Almighty's knowledge from infinite perspectives - infinintely!" - Astralboobaby


Before I get into the main body of this article, allow me to ask my readers a few rhetorical questions... How does one train or teach a soul how to control the power of the mind? How does one help to evolve an unrestricted mind and energetic force that can't die and has access to infinite knowledge? How does one ensure the harmonic balance of the cosmos with disagreeable or non-harmonic renegade forces who have the potential to be just as powerful as the mightiest of harmonic and righteous Gods? How do you help a supernatural immortal being to learn and understand the errors of their ways and help them to realize that having knowledge is one thing but experiencing that knowledge, in order to gain wisdom, is another? As you ponder; allow me to remind you that we are mind-consciousness above all else but within our respective minds – we are multi-dimensional electrical beings! The physical body is simply a tool, vehicle, container or vessel designed to bound, commit or trap a fragment of the mind/soul/spirit of an immortal presence into a confined and restricted modality and the world around them is designed to mirror, reflect, reinforce and challenge the dense physical bodies pre-programmed genetics and functionality. In other words, when a soul projects aspects of the mind-consciousness (incarnates) into dense physical matter in order to temporarily lose all sense of his/her greater knowledge, powers, abilities and sense of their greater or higher self. The soul/spirit is given the illusion of a new beginning by way of birth. The being is given a fictional and/or legal fiction name, false identity and a body with a genetic predisposition that would best cultivate their respective lessons, role, challenge, mission, goal, assignment, and experience – these are the building blocks of the ego.

As powerful souls at various stages of development - we are essentially here because a divine plan was set into place by a council of some of the most super-advanced and powerfully minded elders in all of creation. As overseers, these elders called forth and devised a plan as well as a team of the very best in their respective lanes to assist in creating a holographic system or matrix, designed to restrict all incarnating souls to a level of extreme limitations but put through a series of cycles of extreme life conditions, challenges and circumstances. In other words, anything goes in order to reach and maintain a collective bottom line! Before entering into this holographic, quarantined system; the incarnating souls would go through a series of very complex planning and preparation in order to incarnate into a plane that will by default, create the first amnesic barrier to his/her or its mind matrix and consciousness. The incarnating soul will have no full-blown memories of who they were prior to incarnating or 'merging' with their dense-physical bodies nor will they have access to their inherent 'God-like' abilities. Only a very small aspect of their soul comes into the fold in the very beginning of their transition-into the matrix as but greater aspects of self remain on the other side of the veil or in some cases within chambers on star-ships hovering above and then some!

For the record, it does not matter what we may call or describe this experience within a dense matter as. In truth, all definitions and descriptions are applicable due to the multipurpose functionality and capabilities of this version of the matrix! How you may be wondering? It is because not all souls are here to experience the same reality or cause and effect and not all groups are here to support the same agendas. Therefore, our purpose, perception, and definitions will not be the same as everyone, but everyone is still contributing and committing to a very divine destination and plan that the ego-self will never really be completely capable of understanding. Just about everyone here on the surface of this plane had to consent to be bound by the default feature of dense matter either by consent or by breaking certain laws, covenants, and agreements fully aware of the consequences of such actions.



This reason for a dense physical life in the matrix can apply to a tribe, nation or individuals. This would apply to those who have in previous lifetimes or cycles failed to adhere to contractual agreements and/or the law of ONE at a time when they were fully conscious and ‘aware’ of said laws and had consented to abide by them but yet, somewhere along the way – there was a collateral forge against the respective agreements. This is state or condition is often related to a collective group whose goal and the job is to recompense; break the habits, beliefs and behaviors that prevent ascension and ultimate freedom from reversed bonds.

Amnesia is reinforced until a time comes when the said nation, tribe or individual ‘authentically’ to forge an ‘organic’ and collective resolve to build mutual cooperation and unity consciousness in order to overcome tremendous collective oppression, discrimination, and poverty-consciousness that they’ve helped to cause or create from a time of their collective or respective reign. The soul(s) are given the experience of helplessness and hopelessness, in order to force and challenge the ego-self to seek out solutions and connections to free themselves and those who share the same fate. that it would have never considered before.


An important footnote in this regard;

The enslaver will inevitably become the enslaved and the oppressor will become the oppressed inside of a perpetual loop (or cycle) reversing roles, until the soul(s) and/or spirits creating and co-creating such a reality either purge all interests in such a practice, on a core level or that they wake and realize that this practice and behavior is diametrically against universal laws.



It is true that just because one does not have a soul, it does not mean that one cannot earn a soul through a multitude of life experiences as many forms and playing many more roles within the game of extreme limitation and duality. There are spirits who have shown to have strong redeeming qualities and have expressed in their own way a want to become one with a respective soul/star family.

Amnesia is reinforced to organically challenge the spirit to fight and earn the rightful stripes and energies strong enough to blend with or merge with the might of a soul-matrix.


This would apply to souls who have never fallen nor have they’ve failed at upholding any covenants or agreements but they have chosen to experience extreme limitations under the veil of forgetfulness in order to challenge the self to go to the next level in mental power and functionalities.

Amnesia is reinforced so that the souls will have an authentic experience – to prevent any cheating or seeking out shortcuts; options that the ego-self would most likely try if he/she knew the tremendous challenges that their greater self-had chosen for its lower ego self to experience and/or endure.




What we put out we must get back – be it positive or negative. However, in the realm of duality – the balance must be attained due to the laws inherently built into the one-mind-verse. Should a soul be extremely out of balance in their positive and negative energy streams; the soul may have to take on life experiences to either neutralize or balance things out (depending on their respective role, purpose or mission).

Amnesia is reinforced to ensure that the soul is not consciously aware of how much was expended on either end. He/she/it is being challenged to get more in tune with their core-self; strengthen in their intuition, build upon their imaginations and fine-tune their respective sensibilities.


There’s this common belief that criminals are a by-product of their environment but that’s not totally true. If this were totally true, then how do we explain how one with a ‘criminal’ pathology grows up in the same family with far more relatives and family members who are far from such? It is because although we are given a false ego, false beginning upon incarnating, the energetic imprints that we download or anchor in are aspects of who we are on a core level; aspects of our nature be it programmed or developed via a series of experiences.

Having said the aforementioned – many criminal-minded individuals or groups are souls who have caused great harm and imposed upon the free will of others who have never consented prior to becoming imprisoned in their own creation and pathology. It is a huge violation in accordance with universal law to harm others and directly impose upon the will of non-consenting souls. These souls who have violated would be those who come here and eventually be tempted to eventually give in to their nature to prey upon their ‘perceived’ weaker victims. These are the souls who either fill up the prison industrial complex system or they are those who seem to always have crimes committed against them.

Amnesia is reinforced so that the soul of said individuals may feel the pain and suffering and restrictions they’ve caused to others without knowledge or memory as to why. Not knowing why one’s life is filled with so much pain, misery, abandonment, violence and turmoil will inevitably force the soul into a deeper state of deeper self-reflection and ultimately reach for a higher power to help him/herself to burn off the desire to keep such a pathology going for as many cycles as it may take!

"Life's journey and experience is not designed for the ego-self to understand - it is for the higher mind and soul to ULTRAstand!"




In this matrix, there are provisions that permit exceptions to every rule. There are those who are often called or labeled as; way-showers, messengers, teachers, prophets, warriors, justice warriors, star seeds; messiah seeds, servants for God, etc. The said provision was set into place by the great council on ONE, because they had foreseen the potential for tremendous corruption by those who were assigned and set in place to oversee and manage the matrix system. Keep in mind that those who were put into place to manage and oversee this system also have free will and because of this, they too have been tempted, seduced, tricked, manipulated and swayed to go against their contracts and agreements by others who have a vested interest in the many resources here.

As we all play our respective roles – an insurmountable amount of energy is being created and energy of any form is currency and food to other off-world beings! These beings have made deals and offer with certain leaders and managers of the matrix in exchange for means that only serve themselves and their interests – this is a serious violation, which inevitably impedes on the will of many other soul's. contracts and agreements. In order, to counter the misuse and abuse of power, beings from higher harmonic and highly advanced realms of consciousness agreed to incarnate and help souls/spirits who are most receptive. Some are also here to expose those who corrupt and make the souls of those who are here aware of the corruption. These Beings are not bound by any karmic tides as with everyone else. They are strategically placed in every race and every facet of the world. They incarnate in the highest numbers at the end of a cycle and each soul holds an easily accessible ‘key’ or piece of the greater knowledge of the ALL. These types will often know at a very young age that they are here to do something really important for the whole of humanity. They energetically and literally represents a collection of trump cards! Such beings have been given the green light or codes by the higher authority to override or overwrite the programmed functionality of the physical form in order to fulfill their respective missions.

Amnesia is reinforced for these beings due to the contrast of the plane from which they’ve come and the world that they are committed to. It’s already energetically difficult for souls of this caliber to cope with the dense energy and the lack of cooperation, harmony and the peace that they are used to but imagine having the full memory of one’s home-world fully intact while in a body of extreme limitation in a world that extremely different from what one is used to? Amnesia is reinforced in order to keep the soul from being distracted by the beauty of their home-world; to keep them present and focused on their respective missions!

In closing, I asked a few rhetorical questions at the beginning of this article and now, I would like to give my answer... You should now better understand that the best way to maintain a harmonic ONE-cosmic-verse in the presence of dis-harmonic, lawless and renegade groups is to transform them into a more understanding and compassionate version of self! The best way to do this is to strip them of their previous disruptive self and restrict them to literally experience every single aspect of their own harvest; the fruits and seeds that they've planted...Since energy cannot be destroyed - it can be transformed and here’s the reason for a system that demands the extreme burning (figuratively speaking), bending, melding and purging to evolve the soul and their respective consciousness. After going through one or many cycles of extreme limitations, mazes, and challenges - the aspects of the soul merges with its greater self, with not only the KNOWLEDGE of the Almighty but the wisdom to match! Thus making him/her/IT far more expanded in mind-consciousness, which adds to the collective expansion of mind and awareness. Most of all, a much more balanced in wisdom, appreciation, and respect for the greater tapestry life!

The Essence of Who You Really Are!

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It Possible To Be Trans-Attracted And Still Heterosexual | ABB's Unconventional Take On the Malik Yoba Controversy

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By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby


I don’t normally participate in content that dwells in the realm of gossip, salaciousness, or celebrity worship, and obsession but just as the HBO Leaving Neverland controversy and alleged claims in connection to it - I feel compelled to speak on the Malik Yoba situation more so because there are deeper cultural, social and metaphysical implications. Hence, lessons here that I would like to draw more focus and attention.

Abdul-Malik Kashie "Malik" Yoba is an American actor and occasional singer. He is most known for his starring role as NYPD Detective J. C. Williams on the Fox police drama New York Undercover and as Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings. He also appeared as former FBI Special Agent Bill Harken on the Syfy drama series Alphas, as Jim Hudson in Revolution as well as Vernon Turner in Empire. I lay the aforementioned as a premise because when we look at Malik’s most notable body of work, he’s played roles that are stereotypically associated with ‘strength’, ‘masculinity’, ‘courage’ and the ultimate ‘alpha’. Thus making him the ideal role model for young boys and men and the ideal sex symbol and ultimate man for the ladies. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Malik was revered as a sex symbol and an ideal and positive role model in the black community. The aforementioned lays out the premise as to why I feel that Malik’s Yoba’s recent confession and revelation that he’s 'trans-attracted' and is now a very vocal ally with the LBGTQ community – while still claiming to be heterosexual, has struck such a sour note with so many in the (black) African American community.

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"The Fantasy Was Destroyed And The Dreamers Were Forced to Face Reality" Astralboobaby


If it weren’t for the fact that Malik’s image and characters weren’t so deeply associated with roles and characters that are overwhelmingly associated with alpha heterosexual overtones, would the backlash and controversy with Malik Yoba’s confession be as fervent? Perhaps, because we must remember that we are also in a time in history whereby tensions are rising due to a widespread belief that there's a sinister 'gay agenda' primarily aimed at emasculating black men and population control - thus another factor in this latest controversy.


Apart from what we are witnessing in this scenario is a stark ‘slap in the face’ reality that people often blur the lines between make-believe and reality but when a clear line is drawn – we are forced to contend with our conclusions and delusions. I’ve read many comments and videos regarding this controversial situation in order to write this entry I think it’s pretty obvious that many people who have invested in and bought the image and even the concept of what it is to be a ‘real’ alpha black male who is feeling duped and betrayed. Other the consistent commentary was in alignment with a view or perception that Malik’s ordeal as yet another ploy by ‘the man’ to push forward a gay agenda… However, the most common belief and perception appear to be those who believe that Malik’s is opting to get in front of scathing claims and accusations by gartuering protection and political clout from the GLBTQ community. Right after Malik’s confessions in this regard, a male to female, trans-sex-worker has come forward; making claims that the actor hired her when she was a 13-year-old prostitute to perform sex acts on one another. This revelation of pedophilia activity adds even more thorns to an already compiled and complex situation.


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“I am not gay, I love women” ~ MaliI must state for the record, that Malik has fervently denied ever knowing the alleged victim and the accusations of being a pedophile. As an empath, intuitive and seer, I have a very strong reading on the situation but since I do not have the permission by either party to do a psychic or intuitive reading and publish my findings, I must respect protocol and not share my metaphysical conclusions. However, I can raise a couple of thought-provoking questions for my readers in light of the allegations... For starters, if these allegations are not true – then why not sue the accuser for defamation of character and clear one's name, especially since he has lost solid investments and will now be perceived as a pedophile in the eyes of some in the public arena? Why agree to interviews to speak about his recent revelations but make it a point to keep the allegations by the alleged victim out of the dialog? When and if the allegations are brought up (against his pre-request), why not simply give a clear and concise rebuttal without the anger, ranting, and emotionalism? Perhaps, Malik needs to get hold of a solid PR team because he is not giving much credibility to his case or cause.k Yoba

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A man who claims to be heterosexual yet admitting that he’s trans attracted or even in a relationship with one who is trans, can be pretty confusing and even offensive to some. However, this is not confusing to me - given my countless experiences, readings, and eye witness to straight-identified males who were/are married, dating or even bedding many females but on are on the down-low (dl) or keeping their sexual fetishes, affairs, and encounters with other men or trans-women a secret. Based on my experience, I know that we will rarely find a man who's publicly married to or with women but are on the dl, ever admitting to being anything but 'straight' or 'heterosexual' and it doesn't matter how much evidence there is to show and prove otherwise! Many men over-identify with his sexual prowess (or lower nature) and if he feels threatened or diminished in his masculine identity, he will fight to hold on to it, even if he has to kill to do it (link in the rise in trans women being killed)!


I’ve done several blogs and videos on this subject matter due to my multi-leveled lifetime of experiences on the matter but here - I’ve opted to shed light more on the metaphysical layer to a human magnetic attraction. In essence, masculine straight men are attracted to passiveness, docile-ness, and femininity. The more femininity in appearance, form and most of all everyone has, the more his masculine magnetic makeup will compel him to be pulled in – regardless of one's genital. Of course the aforementioned factors are true for any of us, regardless of our sexual orientation. For more on my explanation of the metaphysical angles of our electromagnetic attraction -- please reference a blog that I have written on the spiritual a metaphysical reason(s) as to why some people are gay or even trans by clicking here


Many people trivialize and make human attraction and sexuality very black and white but we are in a time where these notions, beliefs and theories will be challenged like never before because there are and have always been a hell of a lot of straight looking, acting and behaving men in the world, who are genuinely trans-attracted. Malik Yoba's story is an uncomfortable reflection, reminder and reality check of the aforementioned truth because now, many women and some men are forced to look beyond their preconceived notions and beliefs as to what is considered gay or straight in a way that simply can’t be ignored or denied. More people are also rejecting basic narratives, designations, definitions and labels that they don’t feel a resonance with. More people are simply choosing to no longer hide who they are or attracted to or prefer to be as in old days and because of this, we will see more men (and women) coming out and admitting their true feelings and attractions for matters outside of heterosexual-norms. In my humble opinion, I see this as progress because I’d rather see people living and owning their truth than being an unhappy, paranoid and fearful pretender hiding behind a fake, disingenuous and staged relationships. Fearless, happy and at peace people, makes for a happier, balanced and more at peace world.

In closing, I personally think that we should all respect who and what consenting adults choose to identify themselves as. If Malik says that he loves women and he’s not gay, no matter how questionable or disagreeable I may be to his self-designation, I will respect his stance and right to be acknowledged as such. However, it is well known that I am staunchly against all forms of abuse of children and any adult who violates a child should not only be held legally and karmically accountable for his/her actions but if proven guilty - he//she relinquishes their choice or right of self-designation.

Article originally posted on homepage - November 7, 2019