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It Possible To Be Trans-Attracted And Still Heterosexual | ABB's Unconventional Take On the Malik Yoba Controversy

Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 29, 2019 at 7:55 AM Comments comments ()

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby


I don’t normally participate in content that dwells in the realm of gossip, salaciousness, or celebrity worship, and obsession but just as the HBO Leaving Neverland controversy and alleged claims in connection to it - I feel compelled to speak on the Malik Yoba situation more so because there are deeper cultural, social and metaphysical implications. Hence, lessons here that I would like to draw more focus and attention.

Abdul-Malik Kashie "Malik" Yoba is an American actor and occasional singer. He is most known for his starring role as NYPD Detective J. C. Williams on the Fox police drama New York Undercover and as Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings. He also appeared as former FBI Special Agent Bill Harken on the Syfy drama series Alphas, as Jim Hudson in Revolution as well as Vernon Turner in Empire. I lay the aforementioned as a premise because when we look at Malik’s most notable body of work, he’s played roles that are stereotypically associated with ‘strength’, ‘masculinity’, ‘courage’ and the ultimate ‘alpha’. Thus making him the ideal role model for young boys and men and the ideal sex symbol and ultimate man for the ladies. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Malik was revered as a sex symbol and an ideal and positive role model in the black community. The aforementioned lays out the premise as to why I feel that Malik’s Yoba’s recent confession and revelation that he’s 'trans-attracted' and is now a very vocal ally with the LBGTQ community – while still claiming to be heterosexual, has struck such a sour note with so many in the (black) African American community.

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"The Fantasy Was Destroyed And The Dreamers Were Forced to Face Reality" Astralboobaby


If it weren’t for the fact that Malik’s image and characters weren’t so deeply associated with roles and characters that are overwhelmingly associated with alpha heterosexual overtones, would the backlash and controversy with Malik Yoba’s confession be as fervent? Perhaps, because we must remember that we are also in a time in history whereby tensions are rising due to a widespread belief that there's a sinister 'gay agenda' primarily aimed at emasculating black men and population control - thus another factor in this latest controversy.


Apart from what we are witnessing in this scenario is a stark ‘slap in the face’ reality that people often blur the lines between make-believe and reality but when a clear line is drawn – we are forced to contend with our conclusions and delusions. I’ve read many comments and videos regarding this controversial situation in order to write this entry I think it’s pretty obvious that many people who have invested in and bought the image and even the concept of what it is to be a ‘real’ alpha black male who is feeling duped and betrayed. Other the consistent commentary was in alignment with a view or perception that Malik’s ordeal as yet another ploy by ‘the man’ to push forward a gay agenda… However, the most common belief and perception appear to be those who believe that Malik’s is opting to get in front of scathing claims and accusations by gartuering protection and political clout from the GLBTQ community. Right after Malik’s confessions in this regard, a male to female, trans-sex-worker has come forward; making claims that the actor hired her when she was a 13-year-old prostitute to perform sex acts on one another. This revelation of pedophilia activity adds even more thorns to an already compiled and complex situation.


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“I am not gay, I love women” ~ MaliI must state for the record, that Malik has fervently denied ever knowing the alleged victim and the accusations of being a pedophile. As an empath, intuitive and seer, I have a very strong reading on the situation but since I do not have the permission by either party to do a psychic or intuitive reading and publish my findings, I must respect protocol and not share my metaphysical conclusions. However, I can raise a couple of thought-provoking questions for my readers in light of the allegations... For starters, if these allegations are not true – then why not sue the accuser for defamation of character and clear one's name, especially since he has lost solid investments and will now be perceived as a pedophile in the eyes of some in the public arena? Why agree to interviews to speak about his recent revelations but make it a point to keep the allegations by the alleged victim out of the dialog? When and if the allegations are brought up (against his pre-request), why not simply give a clear and concise rebuttal without the anger, ranting, and emotionalism? Perhaps, Malik needs to get hold of a solid PR team because he is not giving much credibility to his case or cause.k Yoba

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A man who claims to be heterosexual yet admitting that he’s trans attracted or even in a relationship with one who is trans, can be pretty confusing and even offensive to some. However, this is not confusing to me - given my countless experiences, readings, and eye witness to straight-identified males who were/are married, dating or even bedding many females but on are on the down-low (dl) or keeping their sexual fetishes, affairs, and encounters with other men or trans-women a secret. Based on my experience, I know that we will rarely find a man who's publicly married to or with women but are on the dl, ever admitting to being anything but 'straight' or 'heterosexual' and it doesn't matter how much evidence there is to show and prove otherwise! Many men over-identify with his sexual prowess (or lower nature) and if he feels threatened or diminished in his masculine identity, he will fight to hold on to it, even if he has to kill to do it (link in the rise in trans women being killed)!


I’ve done several blogs and videos on this subject matter due to my multi-leveled lifetime of experiences on the matter but here - I’ve opted to shed light more on the metaphysical layer to a human magnetic attraction. In essence, masculine straight men are attracted to passiveness, docile-ness, and femininity. The more femininity in appearance, form and most of all everyone has, the more his masculine magnetic makeup will compel him to be pulled in – regardless of one's genital. Of course the aforementioned factors are true for any of us, regardless of our sexual orientation. For more on my explanation of the metaphysical angles of our electromagnetic attraction -- please reference a blog that I have written on the spiritual a metaphysical reason(s) as to why some people are gay or even trans by clicking here


Many people trivialize and make human attraction and sexuality very black and white but we are in a time where these notions, beliefs and theories will be challenged like never before because there are and have always been a hell of a lot of straight looking, acting and behaving men in the world, who are genuinely trans-attracted. Malik Yoba's story is an uncomfortable reflection, reminder and reality check of the aforementioned truth because now, many women and some men are forced to look beyond their preconceived notions and beliefs as to what is considered gay or straight in a way that simply can’t be ignored or denied. More people are also rejecting basic narratives, designations, definitions and labels that they don’t feel a resonance with. More people are simply choosing to no longer hide who they are or attracted to or prefer to be as in old days and because of this, we will see more men (and women) coming out and admitting their true feelings and attractions for matters outside of heterosexual-norms. In my humble opinion, I see this as progress because I’d rather see people living and owning their truth than being an unhappy, paranoid and fearful pretender hiding behind a fake, disingenuous and staged relationships. Fearless, happy and at peace people, makes for a happier, balanced and more at peace world.

In closing, I personally think that we should all respect who and what consenting adults choose to identify themselves as. If Malik says that he loves women and he’s not gay, no matter how questionable or disagreeable I may be to his self-designation, I will respect his stance and right to be acknowledged as such. However, it is well known that I am staunchly against all forms of abuse of children and any adult who violates a child should not only be held legally and karmically accountable for his/her actions but if proven guilty - he//she relinquishes their choice or right of self-designation.

Article originally posted on homepage - November 7, 2019

The Dogons - Have You Ever Heard of Them?

Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 20, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments ()

Dogon Tribe-men

Here’s a tribe in Africa that most of you have probably never heard of due to bias and grossly distorted educational system in conjunction to what is often shared and pushed as HIS-story (History). Nonetheless, this group; the Dogon Tribe of Africa of Mali Western Africa, are among some of the wisest and most fascinating tribal people on the planet. Did you know that the Dogon tribe had a clear and concise knowledge of how our solar system is actually structured long before any Europeans or foreign settlers came to their land?

General layout of the Sirius Star System

The Dogon people will gleefully and matter-of-factly speak of how they got their vast knowledge! Their claim is that their ancestors (often referred as Gods) are amphibian-fish-like Beings who came from the stars (heaven) and taught them about our solar system and much more!

 Depiction of one of the Beings the Dogon cite as their ancestors from the Sirius Star System

Whether we believe in the Dogon’s claims as to how they got their complex or not -- the fact is that it is well documented that they did know far more about advance science and more than their perceived ‘primitive’ or indigenous state would allow… For the aforementioned reason alone, I find them to be very interesting people and beyond worth of being a point of focus, discussion and dialogue! If you would like to know more about the Dogon tribe, please click on this link;


Of course comments and dialogue are welcomed – please share below! 


Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 12, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments ()

I have provided a very interesting link regarding the subject matter of ‘sex before marriage’ (below), partly because I wanted to open up a dialogue about the subject matter within our community. Most of us are pretty much aware of the fact that more people are opting out from the ‘nuclear’ or ‘traditional’ family structure and this alone has changed or is changing a lot of minds and attitudes , when it comes to cultural and social dynamics and expectations within our relationships. Traditional marriage doesn’t have the ‘lure’ and appeal that it once had nor does the religious community have the monopoly on marriage as they once did. Therefore, more people are indeed looking at letting go of a belief or perception of ‘living in sin’, should they engage in sexual activity outside of the confines of marriage or the ‘intent’ to legally marry. In my opinion on the subject matter, I am all for ‘to each his/her own’ but I would hope that if one should engage in sexual activity outside of any commitment; he or she seriously weigh the cost and be willing to pay whatever price there is, should something unforeseen or unfavorable occurs, as the result of a romp on the hay with a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, ‘jump off’ or prostitute (hey, I am not judging, lol).

I could really go in depth on this subject matter but I just wanted to get some of you guys to weigh in…

Do you believe in sex before or outside of marriage or not? If not, why?


Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 18, 2013 at 10:30 AM Comments comments ()


Someone sent me a video promo of a new reality show that’s obviously stirring quite a bit of controversy. The show is entitled ‘Preachers of LA’ and the bulk of the controversy revolve around the featured ‘men of God’ displaying what many will call a highly driven, materially driven ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Not only are these men are living like pop or rock stars and making no apologies or excuses for it, they are allowing themselves to express and show their flaws, mistakes and errors (sins). For many people, this shatters expectations and maybe even certain illusions of what they expect their spiritual and religious leaders to be. I have always felt that too many people put people in the public eye (celebrities, politicians and athletes) and even the church and community leaders, who are not well-known to the general public but are so, in their immediate communities – society places these people on mighty ‘God-like’ pedestals to begin with. For me, this is the first error in this regard but I will reserve my opinions and observation for the community dialogue. I was brought up in the church and although my time in this arena was brief, it was enough time for me to wonder why was so much emphasis put on material gains and collecting money from the congregation, who many times; members are struggling to pay rent or keep food on the table. Yet, the Pastor, Reverend and even their wives (the first ladies) would be wearing fur coats, fancy jewelry; driving luxury cars with a beautiful house on the hill, etc. On one hand, there’s this prevailing belief that people who are either spiritual or religious, should not have ‘nice’ things; be damn near broke and destitute in order to be perceived as a ‘real spiritual warrior’ or taken seriously in being of ‘service’ in a highly spiritual way. Then there’s a group who feels that anyone who works hard and give unto others have every right to live comfortably and have wonderful things given unto them… So my question to the community at large is this; where do you stand on this matter? Would someone whose claiming to be a spiritual leader or ‘man/woman of God’ be allowed to enjoy a fancy and luxurious material life if he/she so choose? Would such a situation cloud your perception of him or her? I am curious to know what your opinions are on this matter… So please weigh in.