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Your Most Recent Q&A Answered By ABB...

Posted by AstralBooBaby on December 19, 2020 at 12:35 AM

As mentioned at the end of my livestream on posted on YouTube Oct 30, 2020, I have copied and paste the questions that several of you asked and have answered them below. As always – take whatever resonates and leave all else behind. And by all means, if you can, please support this website and more content at; Cashapp $Astralboobaby or by way of  Paypal


1. “Hey ABB. Have you noticed the energy change. Seems more positive”.

Absolutely! I’ve actually stated this in one of my livestreams… The energy has been very peaceful, calm and tranquil since the forced ‘lockdown’ and despite of what clearly appear to be very calculated efforts to disrupt these energies with waves of fever pitched disinformation, dissension, confusion, division, fear mongering and social unrests. However, none of this is not enough to break or completely neutralize this massive magnetic energy – it’s still very present; we just have to stay connected to it as much as possible and drown out the distraction and noise.


2. “why does everyone have an only fans”


Having an ‘Only Fans’ account is not only trendy but apparently – it is a very quick and easy way to make a ton of money, especially if one is a huge influencer and is ok with doing ‘sexual’ things on camera. Unfortunately, people are becoming more desperate for fame, attention and money and are willing to do anything for all of it… Add in the ‘normalization’ of ‘demoralization’ for a ‘bag’, we now see how and why so many are lining up and signing up for an Only Fans account BUT as I’ve stated in one of my most recent lives regarding this trend – there’s a price that come along with it (particularly those who are using it to make pornography) that I don’t think most are aware of… For nothing in this matrix comes that much in abundance, so quickly and easily without a bigger ‘hidden’ price.


3. “How chaotic are we talking about? Mad max?” (Question in response to a talking point, where I stated that we will see more chaos unfold as the result of what’s unfolding in the world)”


Based on the current trajectory that we are on, I don’t foresee things getting to a Mad Max level but it’s going to definitely be bumpy, especially for those who didn’t properly prepare or those who don’t have the highest knowledge and awareness… I see riots and even Civil War, especially surrounding the outcomes related to political scenarios (scandal, massive corruption and deception) and the upcoming ‘mandatory’ vaccinations... However, I strongly advise everyone to not focus too much on what may happen and focus more on what’s most important in your life now and just prepare for the worse. Most of all, never fear and trust the process as you refuse to give into fear.


4. “Will there be more lockdowns. There are in Europe?”


I have stated in a livestream last August or September, that I sensed that they will try to force lockdowns in certain parts of the world this second time around, but the people will begin rebelling (and that’s exactly what’s happening now). The rebellion and revolt will catch on as more citizens begin waking up and seeing what’s ‘really’ going on.


5. “what are your thoughts on planet Nibiru?”


I honestly don’t have a lot of thoughts on this topic but I would be remiss if I were not to state that I have heard a lot about planet Nibiru over the years from various sources. However, I haven’t had enough experience or personal knowledge to speak on in great detail. I will admit that from my general read on the situation – it is very real and there’s obviously a historical connection between this planet (world) and the past and present state of man and man-kind of earth and beyond… This is all that I have on the matter, but should I receive more intel or download regarding this planet, I will blog or vlog about it.


6. “ABB what do you think we should be doing to be able to anchor in more energy at this time (besides get rid of energy suckers)”


Please reference question number 11, and check out the many videos I have already done on this matter in my archives – you can start with this one. How To Overcome Hardships and Adversity! - YouTube



7. “Hey ABB is their lower beings in the 4th layer in the astral realm. That you told me I frequently travel to help those who are lost but seek redemption”.


Yes! There are lower astral forms in the lower planes who feed off anguish, desperation, fear, pain, misery and suffering of spirits and souls there. Aside from the ‘hell’ that one experiences being confined to a dense fleshly form with such extreme limitations and all that comes along with it… I would say that these realms are likened to a ‘hell’ for those who are disembodied but no soul-being is or will be there for all eternity. All will forever have a way out and all will always be given the chance at redemption and recompense, but no one can force it on them – they have to ask or reach out for it, when they are genuinely ready.


8. “Are there some beings on the astral plane that pretend to be scary looking to protect them selves, but are really beings of light”.


Yes! Very much so but it also happens in the reverse – they can appear to be attractive, loving and caring but are actually hideous – those who are superficially wired are most trusting with the later… Here’s why we must begin learning how to discern on a more deeper level… Once we get to this level – we will easily see through them; no matter what disguise they use.


9. “abb, what powers do our higher selves have?”


Any and everything that you can possibly imagine… Remember, the higher to highest self are the closest version to Source itself. They are not bound by the same limitations, physics and resistance that we contend with in dense matter… Therefore, anything Source can do – WE CAN. It’s all a matter of mastering the mind and the powerful potentials it has.


10. “How can you be helped or receive teaching from higher beings when roaming the astral?”


There’s an old saying that goes ‘The teacher will come when the student is ready’… Having stated the aforementioned – I do not advise anyone calling on any force to come in because if one is not mature or strong enough in this regard, he/she unconsciously summon or bring something very sinister and deceitful into their energy. It is best to continue working on your-SELF first and foremost. As you work on ‘self’, from an honest and pure place as you mentally state that you are only open to loving, trustworthy divine assistance when the time is right – the best teacher will come in and help, expecting nothing in return.



11. “What can we do to help others and prepare?” (meaning the ascension process)


At this point, all you can do is show and teach by example because there are people who are still unreceptive to anything of this nature. We cannot force or brow-beat anything into anyone. However, if you feel inclined to share your thoughts on the matter with another, do so delicately. For instance, you can casually state the things you are doing to prepare for whatever – if they ask questions regarding this; go ahead and share but if you sense or feel that they are not receptive, do not push it. If they show signs of being receptive; advise them to disengage from mainstream media; social media (especially the most pushed and promoted platforms) and being spending more time in meditation, eating less, detoxing, fasting, stocking up on essentials; cleaning house (which also mean letting go of people and relationships that are not longer serving them). And finally, do more things that make them feel most like when they were a child; be like a child.



12. “How many years old are you Abb combining all your cycles?”


From what I have gaged, this is my first cycle… When we incarnate – we are not here for just one lifetime, we must stay until a cycle is complete. Say for instance, a cycle is 26,000 years but within those cycles, a soul may have 200 incarnations. The cycle that I came into is approximately 6,000 years ago but have only had 26 lives. Keep in mind that some of those lives, I lived to be hundreds of years old because the climate and concept of birthdays and beliefs, programs of getting ‘old’ didn’t exist then. I can’t give you a number to a science as to my age within cycles but I am very clear that it’s well in the thousands and my soul-core-self is far, far older than that…. I would be remiss if I were not to add that ‘time’ and ‘age’ is main-made construct to control and manipulate outcomes. Essentially, everything simply IS occurring all at once – we are just shifting perspectives and evolving multi-dimensionally simultaneously.



13. “is covid really real?”


I had done a live read on the covid virus back in April, 2020… Yes, it’s is real but what I don’t’ feel is real are the numbers of death due to covid, nor the most infected group(s). The vast majority who get the virus, survive it… And many who have passed are wrongly being labled as passing from covid… Both situations are inflating the numbers and making this situation seem far worse than what it is. Also, I don’t feel that this virus is being passed in the way the media is stating… I strongly feel that the people who are ‘activating’ the virus are those who have taken flu-shots in the past and that there’s external forces activating the time-released germ. Think about it, why aren’t any babies or children getting the virus, if it’s being passed person to person? Stop and think! I strongly sense that this ‘pandemic’ was planned for years now and set into motion to justify mandatory vaccines for a desperate ‘service-to-self’ end game.


14. What is the difference between a soul and a spirit?


In gist/laymen; a soul (core-self) is solar-energy and IS therefore, universal (unrestricted) everlasting life BUT a spirit is a byproduct and/or component of electro-magnetic energy and can only exist in the realm or plane it was generated (has inherent restrictions). Unlike a soul – a spirit does not have everlasting life in-itself. For it needs a host or external structure to exist or survive.



Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 31, 2019 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (63)

I made a stop to a nearby breakfast shop to get something to charge me up... Upon locking and closing my car door, I saw that I had left my car keys on the driver's seat.... In that moment, I told myself that I am not going to spend a dime to pay someone to unlock the car door and so, I had begun working to get inside of the car...

Although the window on the driver's side was rolled all the way up -- the window on the passenger side was rolled down about a half inch -- So, my first thought was to find a long thin but sturdy stick or switch with a hook on the end to manipulate the lock... I walked around a fence, separting the parking lot from a small wooded area... There were sticks on the ground and I found one that I thought would do the job... I took the stick and tried my best to pry the lock... The first stick didn't work and ended up trying 3 other sticks and had eventually got close with one... I was determined! Then I began thinking to myself "Gosh, if I had a wired clothes hanger, that would do the trick"... In my mind, I was thinking - there just might be a chance that I could find a one (clothes hanger) somewhere on the ground (seriously)... So, I began looking around for a hanger in conjunction to a better stick... Found another suitable stick but no hanger.... So, I took the stick and tried to finish prying the door lock latch further back. At this point, my sister called and I answered... I had told her what had happened and she was more than ready to put in leave at work and bring me the extra pair of keys that I had given her years ago, for security measure... I told her that she will not need to do this because (and I quote), "I AM going to get this door opened without having to pay someone to do it"... I then said, if only I had a wire hanger... "I NEED A WIRE HANGER"... I kid you not -- I looked down on ground and saw an unfolded wire hanger laying directly in front of concrete bumper directly in front of my car!!! I immediately said to my sister... "you are not going to believe this but here is a wire hanger, right in front of my car"... The hanger was somewhat rusty but I figured that it would do the trick...

So, I picked up the hanger and began bending it to my satisfaction and manuvered it down inside the door window and caught the latch and pulled, but it wouldn't unhinge the lock! Mind you, my sister was still on the cellphone, as I was doing my best to get the door opened... Upon realizing that I wasn't going to get any success with the hanger, I said to my sister once again "I am not going to let you go through all of the trouble of getting off early from work and driving home to come all the way back across my neck of the woods, just to bring me spare keys"... Once again, I said, this door will be opened without all of the extra hassle... I kid you not - 30 seconds after saying this - I saw a guy walking across the parking lot looking at me, as if he wanted to ask if I needed help... Just before he could actually say anything -- I hand signaled him to come over... As he got closer, I said "excuse me but I locked my keys in the car and I am having trouble retrieving it"... "Do you have something that I could use to get it open?".... He then asked, "what kind of door lock to you have?" He walked over to the passenger side to look down through the car window in order to see what kind of lock I had (Of course, I went over to the driver's side and stood there, just in case, he tried something funny).... He then said "Oh, I can get this open"... He then walked around the fence, and searched the same area that I had originally started my search for a stick that would fit through the window... He got a stick came to the car and push the stick straight down inside the car window and pressed 'down' on the 'unlock' button on the lower end of the door and unlocked it without a hitch!

I was relieved but felt like an idiot at the same time because I didn't even consider the side 'lock and unlock' button... I spent all of that time trying to pull back and unlock the latch, totally forgetting that there was a simple 'push' button on the lower bottom of the car door as well. I immediately said to him "DUH, I forgot that there was an emergency lock on lower level of the door"... He then said "No problem, I know about these things because this is what I do for a living" and then he smiled, winked at me and then walked away (interpret that one however you want, lol)... Now, please tell me -- what are the odds that there would be a hanger on the ground of a restaurant, directly in front of my car, upon wanting one... What are the odds that some guy, who seemingly came from nowhere - coming to my aid with expertise in the respective area?

I used to manifest instantaneously a lot when I was in grade school - especially high school... It would usually happen when I was stranded or lost... For instance, I used to have to ride the metro bus to get to and from school. There were occassions when I had lost my bus tokens or lose my money and would literally have a dollar, token or some change appear next to my foot or directly behind me, upon realizing the loss (which was usually as I was waiting for a bus to come). The money or token wasn't the money or token I had lost because they would usually be old and have rust on them... Whereas the money or tokens that I had lost would be fresh, new or clean! There were times when I felt great danger and out of nowhere - someone or something would show up and thrwart the situation (too many for me to list)....

Anyway, I cut some corners on this story but I would like to know if any of you guys ever had an instant manifestation story? If you don't mind -- do share.

HAVING SEX WITH A DOG! #beastiality #zoophilia

Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 29, 2019 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (218)

A couple of relatives suggested that I make a video and share a crazy situation that I had witnessed when I was High School. I used to take the bus to a certain location and then get off and walk along the train tracks along side heavy wooded areas... I used to walk this route as a short cut to get home... I used to see some bizarre things but I will never forget the day that I walked up on a man trying to sexually penetrate a female dog (which I am sure was his dog) and he didn't care that I was there! There's definitely more to this story but at the request of a family member suggestion to make a video and share that experience, I am super hesitant to talk about this because I don't see how talking about that works within the theme that my You tube or even this site is about? My relative even sarcastically said that 'a lot of people will click on that video' because the subject matter is very provocative and salacious. Anyway, I am posting this one because I am on the fence about this... What do you guys think? Do you see in moral or merit in sharing such a story within this context? #beastiality #zoophilia



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Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 25, 2019 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (976)

This blog is more specifically geared towards those of us who are single and have never been married or those of us who are formerly married… Do you desire or want marriage in the ‘legal’ sense of the word to be a part of your future? If so, why not? If not, why not?...

For me, I have pretty much decided that marriage in its legal definition of the word is NOT for me because for beginners; I do not care about having the government sanctioning or controlling my love life; my possessions and heart. For me, marriage is the merging of two-hearts, minds and bodies for the sole purpose of creating love and a better life… It does not demand or require governmental validation, control, influence or mandates via a lawyer, court and a contract… Yes, this is not for me but I will support anyone who wants it for them (to each his/her OWN).

Also, I am by nature a ‘free-spirit’ and like any ‘free spirit’, we do not like constraints, control or others dictating the flow and direction of our love, thoughts, creations, ideas and life… I am in no way stating that I am not opened for a strong and mutual love and/or life partner but I cannot or will not accept such a union under the religious or social construct that the definition of marriage is currently under… That’s just my 2 cents on the matter… What are yours?


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 25, 2019 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (165)

The word ‘normal’ by the dictionary definition means; conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. I was recently having a discussion with someone who holds some pretty intense and passionate views about interracial dating, gay marriage and racism, particularly ‘white supremacy’ and this inspired me to start a discussion about what is considered ‘normal’ or even ‘abnormal’ for that matter... I strongly feel that the person, who inspired me to start this forum discussion, is pretty well intentioned but He has a pattern of basically pissing people off with his strong beliefs and views. I understand the angle from which this person is speaking from and why they feel and think in such a way, and although I may not whole-heartedly agree with much of His views, he certainly has a way of sparking some intense ‘inner-dialog’ – something that I love to do, in my own way.

The person that I am referencing recently said that He believes that those of us who have an ‘accepting mentality’ are helping to create more of a problem… That accepting ‘abnormal’ things is evil and those who condone the ‘abnormal’ are just as much a part of ‘evil’ as those who are actually carrying out and living ‘abnormal’ behavioral patterns. I do agree that he has a valid point where it is warranted but if his views are going to be supported by what is ‘normal’ – I wanted to help him to see how and why ‘normalcy’ carries a double sword. Here are a few citations in the aforementioned regard; there was a time in our history when it was ‘normal’ and common place for adult males could marry children… There was a time in history, when it was ‘normal’ to socially enslave, beat and kill other Beings who weren’t seen as ‘normal’ or humane… There was a time when it was common place and ‘normal’ for tribes and cultures would brutally ‘sacrifice’ their own people, as an offering to ‘the Gods’… I can give countless examples but my overall point is that there are and have been times when social norms were challenged and ultimately changed for the greater good of the whole.

Yes, there are abnormalities within our collective but should an abnormality be automatically labeled or categorized as a negative that should be forever rejected or marginalized? Is an ‘abnormality’ inherently wrong? In my humble opinion; there are still things that are considered the norm, that should be in the category as abnormal and I mean this in the ‘negative’ sense of the word. The economic system that most of us participate and support is very abnormal because it is helping to reinforce slavery on multiple levels and only a ‘few’ truly benefit from it but yet, most see such a system as ‘normal’… From my perspective, it has always been the ‘norm’ to marginalize and impose on people who express themselves and create a life of their own design, (so as long as they are not ‘imposing’ their design or ‘will’ on the life of others)… Therefore, most of what we see today are people who have been historically and systematically marginalize standing up and having their voices heard – not to BE ‘the new norm” but to be respected in their right to simply BE.

What are your views on what is normal and do you think that ‘the new normal(s)’ is a detriment to humanity as a whole or this a sign of evolution and progressiveness? When should something that’s considered an abnormality be justified as something that society as a whole


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 25, 2019 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (626)

Although I have never been in love, I have had very intense crushes… My very first ‘intense’ crush was with a young lady who used to sit next to me in my English class when I was in senior high school; 10th grade. The young lady who I had a serious crush on, name is Bernadette and she was very down-to-earth, smart, beautiful (both inside and out) and adorable. Bernadette was pretty popular for the very reasons that I had previously listed… I used to think about her all of the time; wondering what she was doing at home or at any moment I would think of her. I would literally feel a certain kind of ‘joy’ whenever I would think about her and whenever she would come around… She seemed ‘unreal’ and ‘heavenly’ to me… Whenever I was next to her, I would feel joy but some serious nervousness at the same time. I would literally start sweating; sweaty palms and all, lol! I remember being so shy and insecure, that I couldn’t speak directly to her most of the time. After a lot of thought and consideration; a day had come when I had decided that I would write her and ask her out on a date. Now mind you, I gave her this letter in class as she sat right next to me,(yes, I was that shy and insecure, lol)... Anyway, she wrote me back and said that she would go out with me but only after I would go to church with her… Now, although I wasn’t very confident in who I was in the field of dating and relationships as a person -- I was pretty confident in my position on religion and church and quite frankly, I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it BUT, I was so enamored by Bernadette, I really, really considered accepting religion again, just to be near her… Well, to make a long story short, I never got to go to church with her and we never went out on a date. Somewhere not long after I had expressed an interest in her, I realized and accepted the fact that she wasn’t attracted to me in the same way that I was attracted to her. Nonetheless, she will always be my very first ‘intense’ crush! Indeed, without a doubt, if I had pursued and she had reciprocated my intention and interest – she would have definitely been my very first love.

Now that I have briefly shared my story in this regard, I am curious – who was your very first crush or your first love and what magnetically created this attraction for you?

The Quiet Forest

Posted by findingtheway on December 28, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1010)

“If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” If I talk to myself and there’s no one here, does any body hear it?