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Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 7, 2019 at 4:15 PM Comments comments ()

In this installment; I will be using one of my own personal true stories as a foundation to build upon metaphors, revelations and observations as to why we (individually and collectively) magnetize, attract, create and ‘repeat’ our own hell to ‘burn’ in... I will also touch on why physical and emotional pain (burning) is an absolutely MUST for some souls to learn from and ultimately break free of cyclical energy streams and patterns of enslavement.

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Posted by AstralBooBaby on June 29, 2018 at 6:00 PM Comments comments ()

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

Disclaimer; I am not nor have I ever been a psychiatrist or any licensed physician. The views, perspectives and opinions expressed are an accumulation of years of testimonies, observations and my own personal experiences. These conclusions are also part divine guidance and intuition. Proceed and consider all that is shared with the highest level of discernment and righteous indignation.

I understand that discussing this is a very sensitive/taboo subject matter in many circles, but in lieu of revelation after revelation, of child sex-trafficking rings; pedophilia and generational sexual abuse from family members – we can no longer pretend to turn a blind eye! It's long past time for us all to get in front of this issue, and grab this unsightly beast by the horns!

According to stats reported by Invisible Children; 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18 and approximately 34% of those abuses will occur within families. These stats are already staggering but when we consider that they are primarily based on only the reported or documented sexual abuse cases – the larger implication is truly astounding! Let’s be clear – our children are indeed our future but if we have mentally, emotionally and psychologically scarred children who may never opt to get help for their traumas; they are far more likely to turn into adults who continue this cycle; acting out and projecting their repressed traumas onto others.

There are many adults out there who have never addressed, dealt with, or put in the work to heal from the traumas that childhood sexual abuse inevitably causes. Thus, the cycle of ‘hurt people, hurting people’ perpetuates itself with a vengeance. For the aforementioned reasons, I strongly feel that it's time we open a free-for-all dialogue and address this systemic problem from multiple angles. The first angle is that we take a proactive stance! We can no longer sit by and wait for a child to come forward and bear the burden of truth. Parents, guardians and teachers must become more aware of the unspoken terrain of children's lives. One of the first proactive measures one can take is to gently initiate and encourage more dialogue and honesty around the topic of sexual abuse. We must create an atmosphere where children can feel safe to openly speak on such matters. I have long learned that it's the toxic combination of fear and shame that indirectly emboldens the abusers-- while silencing the abused!

Having been one who has survived years of systematic sexual abuse by multiple individuals, in conjunction with having met and compared notes with many others who have experienced similar situations (but have never officially reported them, I am fully aware of the dynamics of complicity involved. Many children and even adults will never opt to come forward and tell of their abuse . I repeat, we MUST be opened minded and vigilant enough to look for signs of abuse. There are always signs that will exhibit themselves via mood, behavior and characteristics. Thus, we need to be educated on the kind of signs to look for. Below are but a few signs that I have identified not only through my own behavioral patterns, but those I have seen demonstrated in others who were abused, as well. Again, these signs are based on the behaviors I and others ‘unconsciously displayed’ without premeditation or purpose in our own actions or behaviors  Continue Reading...


Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM

An astral parasite is defined as; an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment or sustenance. It could also be defined as a person/being or entity who receives support, advantage, or the like from another or others without giving any useful or proper return.

 Make no mistake about it, parasites are everywhere in dense physical life and the truth is that this is no different on subtler planes of existence! However, for this month's theme, I wish to focus specifically on the vibratory layers and frequencies that we define as the astral realm(s). Ironically, we all witness the presence of astral parasitic influences all of the time through people that we see and interact with everyday! In fact, I have learned that no biological form is immune to astral influences! It's all a matter of us learning to know what to look for!

Just as we have microorganisms and the likes that attach themselves to us in dense physical reality, astral parasites behave in a very similar fashion. The only difference is that astral parasites cannot be seen or detected through 3D tools or systems. These parasites can only be recognized via pineal gland activation; strong intuition/discernment and the power of the divine spirit.

Based on what I have experienced and observed by way of many travels to and from the astral realms - parasites can cover a very broad range of shapes, expressions and forms. For example, some of them appear to be geometric in shape, while others appear to be plasma; spherical, ghostly and foggy and then there are those that appear to be similar to bizarre looking insects, alien-like or dark and shadowy. Some astral parasites may even look similar to human skeletons! However, the most notable and influential astral parasites, appear to be those who hold the form of reptilian or clown. I would surmise that the aforementioned types are commonly seen and labeled as ‘demons’ or ‘djinns’, although both entities can take on more of a broader range of shapes, forms and appearances.

Just as nature has given to us life forms that feed off of various forms of pests or insects that could be parasitic and problematic if not held in check - it appears that the lower astral planes has a similar set up. Astral pests and bugs are being held in check by forms, such as astral spiders! I had done a YouTube video in 2003, about astral spiders due to them being commonly seen by other astral travelers. Astral spiders are without exception, extraordinarily larger than earth spiders and like earth spiders, they come in a broad range of shapes and colors. They all seem to be highly charged, telepathic, psychic and intelligent! Some may argue that any spider or critter, be it physical or astral is not a positive thing but with regard to astral spiders, I have found them to be a positive element for defense and protection against smaller astral bugs and parasites. Indeed, astral spiders help to keep other astral parasites in check by blocking, neutralizing and even absorbing their respective psychic or energetic chords. Therefore, if you happen to see an astral spider as you travel about but you don't feel drained or tired the next morning, CONGRATULATIONS, you have a powerful tool of protection against astral parasites, by way of an astral spider! 



Any conscious or sentient Being who has been to or gained access to the astral realms is at risk of attracting astral parasites and it does not matter if we are consciously accessing the astral realm or not.  I have learned that there are certain individuals who are the most likely to attract them! Astral parasites can latch on to one’s astral, emotional and/or light body in order to feed off of one’s energy centers (chakras). They can also plant thought projections into the mind of its target to influence or possess the host. They can also send electrical signals and impulses to the mind via the auric field in order to move the host to engage in aggressive behavior patterns that attracted the parasite to begin with. In other words, it appears that if we are already engaging in thought-forms, behavior and patterns that are appealing to an astral parasite - we can magnetize the parasites and they can influence us to engage in the behavior far more frequently than we would have done, on our own accord.

Whether we are a Being who travels the astral realm spontaneously, as a voyeur, investigator or to do clearing work - we will quickly learn that portions of the astral realms are very dim to down right dark and gloomy (the lower or lowest realms in particular). However, like a moth to a flame - some astral forms will be drawn to those of us have larger auras and/or bright radiant light from within but the parasite will observe from a safe distance because our protection barrier is very strong at in this state! We could literally obliterate an entity or parasite when/if our light bodies are vibrating at a certain frequency! On the contrary, Beings who are in a perpetual state of negative thought projections, emotions and behavior, are the most vulnerable to astral parasites! The reason for this is because when we are in any of the aforementioned states - our aura becomes weak and our inner-light is dimmed. Our energy streamers will begin vibrating very slowly and thus, we will be giving off electromagnetic pulses that would be the closest energy source or 'life' force for the said parasites.

Mind Altering Substances Can Make Us Very Vulnerable To Parasites!

Everything is energy and has a multi-dimensional subtle copy of itself crossing dimensional layers and timelines. Therefore, that which we smoke, drink or place on us, will affect us physically, mentally, energetically, psychologically and ethereally. Substances that hold heavy vibratory imprint will not only dim one’s inner light but weaken the aura and create a disconnect between mind and soul. As I have stated in the past, when we are not in control of our own mind – someone or something else will be in control of it! Astral parasites, entities or what many label as demons are specifically drawn to individuals who are under the influence; this is primarily due to the greater propensity to mind-control or possess his/her host.

Those of us who are very fearful, selfish, greedy, deceptive, lustful, hostile, vengeful, war-like, hateful, and violent are by far the most desired by some of the more aggressive and insidious astral parasites. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the world’s most infamous and notable serial killers, war mongers, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles and lovers of violence have or/had astral parasites and attachments of monstrous proportions! Hosts and hostesses for these 'possessive' types are an easy gateway and target by Beings who want to generate the energy of chaos, pain and suffering, so as to experience and harvest these energies.


The symptoms that I listed can be attributed to many conditions and possibilities. However in this regard, I am listing all that I have been able to map over the years via intuition, discernment, experience and observation. The operative word is ‘may’ in relation to the symptoms listed in conjunction to astral parasites. If you are or know someone who’s having any or all of these symptoms, please seek higher or professional counsel to rule out any potential medical issues.


  • Sudden impulse, thought or strong desire to do or perform something that is out of character.
  • Acute depression w/pessimistic attitude.
  • Strong interest in being entertained or take part in violence or violent acts.
  • Abdominal discomfort/consistent fluttering and cyclical pain.
  • Lacking in self control; feeling as if you will is not your own.
  • Feeling extremely tired and lethargic in the morning and/or during the day, no matter how much sleep or rest you may be getting.
  • Chronic headache or backaches in the mist of having done anything to cause such a thing to occur to begin with.
  • Sudden reoccurring nightmares (will see strange beings and creatures) and night terrors; anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Hearing voices in your head; commands and directions to perform a harmful duty or act to yourself or others.
  • Expressions of obsessive and compulsive behavior.
  • Strong desire to eat or drink foods that are not commonly or normally consumed.
  • Desire to participate or explore sexual acts and activity not organic to self.
  • Sudden and acute hyper sexuality.
  • Dramatic change in personality and speaking voice.
  • Consistently cranky, agitated and paranoid for no apparent reason.
  • Forgetfulness; doing, saying and performing things but having no memory of them.
  • Extreme and instantaneous mood swings (bipolar).
  • Constant thoughts of suicide.




The good news is that with consistency, dedication and discipline, it is not that difficult to shake-off (astral) or protect one's self against parasitic attachments. The very best solution in this regard is to hold a strong defense! Maintaining a strong body electric is 'key' because having a strong mind, body and soul is the equivalent of keeping an impeccable multi-dimensional immune system!


  • Periodic detoxification of the body and major organs with all-natural herbs, juices and oils.
  • Eat foods high in electricity (all green) and lots of sun-lighted or alkaline water
  • Greatly reduce or totally remove dense meats and processed foods from your diet. (Naturally these items hold dense energy, which could weigh down your energy bodies and weaken your auric field)
  • Practice celibacy or abstinence periodically for at least 3 to 4 months (includes no masturbation).
  • Do not use any mind altering substances such as synthetic drugs, alcohol, laced marijuana or cigarettes.
  • Remove yourself from dark and heavily dense people, places and things and step into places full of life, light and love!
  • Meditate or spend quality time taking in rays from the sun!
  • Refrain from impulses, behaviors and urges that are in alignment with some of the slow-vibratory behavior previously listed.
  • Routinely burn rosemary, white sage and smudge the corners of your most common dwellings.
  • Make use of all natural oils, candles, incenses, created and designed maximize one’s health, wealth, vibratory frequency and spiritual clarity!
  • Keep your dwellings clean and orderly and your body fresh and clean (negative astral parasites thrive on foulness)!


In a nutshell, the very best way to deal with any parasite is to simply stop entertaining, focusing and doing the very things that is attracting and feeding them! Don’t cooperate with the parasite and it will inevitably leave or die off.

Continue to question, learn and GROW!