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Posted by AstralBooBaby on April 1, 2022 at 12:10 AM

Above, is the image of another prominent figure in the religious community (this is not Pastor Dwayne Dawkins) and his wife and a still frame of him being secretly recorded, while having relations with another man. The video was uploaded a few years ago and started a firestorm of controversy. The married downlow man was so distraught over the scandal that he was (allegedly) placed on suicide watch. 

Although there have been countless videos of people being secretly recorded, while having sex with another or others (orgies) without their consent or awareness since the publishing of my very first video warning of these times…. I’ve decided to use the latest sex scandal involving a married Pastor by the name of Dwayne Dawkins and another man as not only another teachable moment but a starke reminder of just how real and widespread these scenarios are and will continue to be. 


With the emergence of popular websites such as; OnlyFans and private subscription base sites, such as Patreon, there has been massive surgencies of influencers with a very large audience and platforms as well as everyday people, seeking to profit by way of producing XXX adult content on said platforms -- the surge and interest to compete for an opportunity to get well paid and/or famous for producing riske' content appears to be tempting many far and wide and reasonably so, because according to -  content makers of pornographic media are among the top 10 money earners of OnlyFans.

As you view one of my archived videos (below) where I address the connection between depression and our sexual activity – you will also hear me give very clear and specific warnings, eerily identical to not only the aforementioned Pastor but many others, since the publishing of my predictive warnings, nearly ten years ago. 

Since I am not interested in outing anyone particularly or airing-out anyone’s dirty laundry, I will continue presenting my predictive warnings and revelatory content in a way that addresses highly likely trajectory, based on the behavioral patterns that I witness at the moment of the reading and not the specific name(s) of the person(s) who are participating in the behavior.

In closing, some of my most loyal viewers and supporters will contact me and to make me aware of a prediction and reading that I had made in the past that has played out – just as well, I will also post and share reminders and paper trails every now and then, so that my YOU may be inspired to remain alert and ahead of the curb. Hence, WATCH YOUR STEP as you travel out and about through the most interesting times in world history!


One of Astralboobaby’s Earlier Video’s Predictive Warning About Sex, Lies and Video Tapes;

Viral Video of Married FL. Pastor On Camera Having Sex With Another Man;



Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 11, 2022 at 5:20 PM

Due to continued ghost banning, censoring and suppression of comments, commentary and content of specific subject matters on all popular media platforms – I have decided to post this bit of intel and reminder on this platform instead. I encourage you to share this link with those you feel would be most receptive…

For starters, I would like to state for the record that if you are reading this blog – CONGRATULATIONS on making such a huge shift but we are not completely out of the woods yet – as more of us accelerate in frequency; the opposition will be pushing more ‘rumors’ of a HOT war, which I do not see playing out on the timeline that we are on. However, the war on the mind; the free flow of information and the soul rages on via AI (artificial intelligence) and spiritual warfare.  I would be remiss if I were not to state that this ‘covid’ situation is politicized (by design), which is one of the reasons why all things in relation to it, has gone as so much longer than it would have under a system that truly cares about the fair and equal treatment of all life but I digress.

This blog is here to bring some attention to another prediction that I had made that is beginning to unfold. If any of you guys would care to look at my very first livestream on YouTube; March 20, 2020 and a couple of other livestreams not long after the first one – you will see that how accurate most of my readings on covid-19 has been, including the ‘potential’ that the said virus was/is man-made. Some of you may already recall that I had stated that the number of deaths due to covid would be ‘inflated’ in order to scare and/or frighten more people into consenting to be vaccinated. Lol and behold; this video showed up on my timeline feed;


One thing that I have learned about this God-driven ability and/or gift, is that whenever I ‘see’, ‘dream’ or ‘sense’ all-things ‘unseen’, and it’s unwavering and unshakable – I have yet to be off -- here’s why I trust my intuition like never before! More fascinating predictions to come and trust, in the biggest scheme of things – all of these events unfolding is for a greater good.


As more revelations and massive secrets and truths are incrementally being revealed or shall I say ‘unveiled’ – I encourage you to remain your authentic self; be mindful of who you are sharing your energy with (especially those who are sexually active) and most of all, continue to question, learn and grow!



Election Revelations and More!

Posted by AstralBooBaby on December 12, 2020 at 5:10 PM

Due to severe censorship and suppression of content that goes against mainstream narratives, especially concerning election fraud and corruption in the upper echelons of global influence, I’ve decided to post my thoughts, reminders and revelations here. Please read what I share with an opened mind and as always, only take what resonates and leave the rest behind…

If you are relying on the mainstream media or heavily promoted social media influencers to really ‘see’ what's really going on in or collective reality – you are being grossly mislead and deceived like never before... I had forewarned in a couple of livestreams (well before the election) that 'team Trump', will get back into the White House by DEfault – I did not come right out and share my prediction on what was to come because I knew that the ‘compromised’ YouTube/Google platform would use my words against me under the guise of ‘failing to adhere to their Community Guidelines’ (which is really selective censorship), which could give them ammunition to either delete my content or add a ‘strike’ to my YouTube channel…. I would be remiss if I were not to state that I have never received any violations in eleven (11) years because I saw the game for what it truly was but still played by ‘their’ rules.

In my most recent livestream and post, to my Community wall on YouTube, I had cryptically hinted on coming events that have begun playing out thereafter and now… Once again and for the record, I am non-partisan… I am not into politics at all but I can and will call it like I see it; minus bias and being in my ego… I support what is right and fair and make no mistake about it – I sensed then and still have ZERO doubt that Trump had ‘rightfully’ and ‘legally’ won this election by a landslide… I also picked up that there would be a very calculated effort to hijack and steal the election, which is why I did not say that he would ‘win’ in the traditional sense of the word….

I strongly saw and sensed that members associated with the DEmocratic party (hence the Biden/Harris ticket) was/is greatly compromised with powerful 'foreign' forces (Communist China)… The latter is also true for the mass media and all popular media platforms…To the viewers who had read my community post on YouTube; I had given another clue regarding what would come out or unfold around this election… I used the word ‘SCANdal’, as a double-entendre… The aforementioned was warning regarding the Biden’s family long history with Communist China as well as the ‘SCAN’ (in all caps); in reference to the voting machines that has deceptive SCANNING capabilities… The ‘scanning’ feature within these foreign made and manufactured machines can be easily manipulated (more evidence of this will come out any day now) … Hence, after a voter card has been scanned into the machine, one who has the right ‘key’ and access, can go in and manually change anything on the ballot and none would be the wiser (or so they thought) … When we truly begin connecting smaller dots, which will inevitably lead to bigger and greater dots -- the implications are staggering and may be an extremely hard pill for many 'trusting' Americans to swallow.

Near the second term of the Obama administration, I had seen a televised interview of Donald Trump (the actual show I don't clearly recall); he was talking about the Obama's (and Vice President Biden) foreign affairs with China... In this interview, he was speaking on how China was ‘criminally’ cheating and robbing America in trade and taxes. I distinctly remember how passionate and disgusted he appeared to be… He was very adamant about how much the Obama administration needed to ‘fix’ this problem or America will end up in big trouble! It was also around this time that Trump brought up the possibility that Obama may not qualify to be President because he (allegedly) was not born in America. Remember the birth-certificate controversy? And how the media spun Trump’s questions regarding the former President elects’ qualifications into a 'racial' and/or 'racist' narrative? What better way to deflect the people from a greater truth, than by bringing up trigger words like ‘racist’ or ‘racism in order to lure them into their lowly emotions?’ The media has been using race and racism as a political and divisive tool to spin, dismiss and manipulate the narrative for a long time now but the people are really starting to catch on to this mind-game as well. Don't get me wrong, racism is a very real sickness in this country but it has been greatly politicized... I’ve said it before and I will state it again – Trump was a perfect catalyst to reveal the REAL systematic racism whereby the general public can no longer deny it. At the same time, he is helping to counter and expose widespread corruption that is and will negatively affect ALL Americans, regardless of ‘race’, ‘shade’, political affiliation, creed, religion and so on! Trump had long since seen what was unfolding but who would have believed him then? Many struggle to believe him to this very day, due mostly to a vicious media campaign to scrutinize, spin, discredit and mock everything thing he does or say.... I strongly feel that Trump’s decision to run for the highest office is partly rooted in what He had seen unfolding – He genuinely got in the game to help save the republic and restore the republic!

Another read that I feel compelled to share is this; I don’t believe that most Americans realize that for some time now – the lower courts are not operating under constitution law… The lower courts are operating under admiralty and corporate law. The USA has long been turned into corporation; this is one of the reasons why so many lower courts have supposedly ‘thrown’ out ‘Team Trumps’ lawsuits without a single hearing, investigation, or in-depth review. Keep in mind, that not one judge in the lower courts had one hearing nor had they truly looked at any of the collected evidence, which is abundant and growing! And now, the highest court in the land has done the same as the lower courts BUT this was/is the nail in the coffin… This outright failure of the members of the Supreme Court to not even consider a hearing despite all that’s come out has essentially kicked the sleeping giant so hard that the exposure of the widespread fraud should be blatantly obvious! Why are they refusing to at least investigate? Why won’t they at least allow hearings? What are they afraid of, it there’s nothing wrong occurring? These are rhetorical questions but you see, all of this had to ‘play out’ for the people to finally SEE what others who have been called ‘crazy’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ and any other dismissive ‘trigger’ title or word, have been saying for a very long time!

I had long since foreseen that forces here and foreign would use their puppets of power and influence to push an anti-Trump narrative and censor, suppress or outright delete any counter response to the anti-Trump campaign… Those of US who can ‘see beyond the veil’, discern or have critical thinking abilities have always known that all of this was planned years in advance (including this "pandemic” and everything that has come along with it). This ‘pandemic’ literally wrecked Trump’s great economy… Trump was radically changing the game despite tremendous incorporation, pushback, and slander… The ‘pandemic’ and massive shutdowns and lockdowns wreaked havoc Trumps economic success and has caused the loss of many jobs and many small businesses as major corporations remain fully operational. We also see/saw politicians mandating that the public practice ‘social distancing’, wear masks, stay at home but yet, many of them expose their hypocrisy; being seen in public, in close proximity with strangers and with one another -- wearing no masks. Others have been caught traveling and living their lives and coming and going as they please. Its rather obvious that ‘they’ clearly know something that the people don’t (not yet anyway) …

My next talking point is in relation to ‘covid-19’ virus and the vaccines soon to be pushed on the people… Aside from intuitively sensing tremendous negative energy from all of it – I still decided to do a calibration read on both the ‘virus’ and the vaccines… I got a strong negative (-) 499 on both! In laymen, the calibration number confirms that this is all coming from a wicked ‘service-to-self’ collective state of consciousness. I also sense that there’s nano technology (microchips) in those vaccines. The technology used in these vaccines will not only allow tracking of the people, but it can influence our thought process and overwrite RNA. The good news is that there are unseen righteous forces and powers who will neutralize the effectiveness of these vaccines. Since they cannot ‘force’ the people to take the vaccines, they will mandate it by way of no employment; no attending public schools; no flying on planes; no health insurance perks; no government assistance; no concert attendance, etc., IF you do not have a covid-19 vaccine certification. The most vulnerable and those who do not have a lot of choices to outright deny the vaccine, such as healthcare workers, institutionalized elders, etc. will most likely be vaccinated but again, the good news is that there are powerful unseen forces who have and will continue to mute out the effects of the vaccines until the people revolt and thwart the mandatory vaccine campaign altogether.

Before I conclude this blog, I would like to remind you all of something very important in this regard… Before Donald Trump was sworn into office, I had done a calibration reading on the President months before taking office and a few months after entering office and in both readings, I strongly picked up that he would not complete a full term… I did not specify how or why I picked up on this read because there were too many potential trajectories that could play out… I could not narrow it down to one final potential… At this point, the worst potentials by the wicked to remove President Trump has failed … Having stated that, the trajectory that IS playing out and the one that supports my reading is this; the Donald Trump that was sworn in as President and the one that I had done my original reading on – is not really the same Trump(s), in the White House and on the media… If one is paying close attention – you too just might see what I am hinting at… The real or (original) Trump is very safe and protected ‘elsewhere’ but the spirit and determination of all that he is and stands for is very present and being carried out via his ‘copies’, along with a force and power that is truly beyond this world! We are witnessing multidimensional chess being played out right before our eyes, but the movers are still unseen, but the shakers (the awakened people) are taking to the streets and revolting and rebelling! The great awakening that I and others have been talking about for years is HERE and has gone to the next level! Civil war is imminent, BUT I do not see it lasting very long… The main point that I would like to remind you all of is this --- No matter what happens; NEVER FEAR; trust the process and never forget that YOU ARE and WILL ALWAYS be LOVED BEYOND MEASURE, which is why the fight for your/OUR collective FREEDOMS RAGES ON!  


Prince Speaks From The Otherside - Predictions CONFIRMED

Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 27, 2019 at 11:30 AM Comments comments ()

Back in May of 2016, I was summoned (if you will) to the astral plane to participate in a gathering for the artist the world has come to know as Prince. At the time, I had no 'conscious' memory as to why I was called and why Prince of all celebrities? It wasn't like I was a fan, follower or supporter because I sure wasn't but like so many other revelations I've come to clearly ultra-stand, the deeper meaning behind that past experience has come full circle. Not only was Prince watching some of my content and content similar to mine before passing but he too was a natural astral traveler and he was super present and conscious of there being more to him, us and the universe than meets the eye! Not only that, I now know that we are apart of the same soul-group and that he's chosen to give me special downloads to share with the public! I've also interacted with him on other planes of consciousness since my first and only Youtube video about him but it is not for me to share any of the aforementioned nor what our astral meetings were all about but in due time, I surely will. 

In the interim, I would like to challenge anybody to find any other video by another psychic, channeler or intuitive who has shared any predictions that I stated would come to be regarding Prince since his passing, as accurate as what was shared in the video below? For example, Prince ex-wife Mytae did an interview about a year after his passing and she was asked by the interviewer if she heard the songs in his vault? She said 'yes' but the songs were very spiritual and that Prince told her that he didn't feel the world was ready for them (songs), exactly as stated in this video! Also, only one song was released from the vault since Prince passing and it's' titled 'Deliverance'. If those lyrics in that song don't match what I've stated about Prince's being on a higher state of awareness and enlightenment, I don't know what it does? No full album was released yet because Warner Brothers probably thought that the vault would have 'salacious' 'worldly' songs! There's more! Prince's hairdresser did an interview admitting that Prince wanted to cut all of his hair off and go short and natural right before he passed! What about all of the info. that's has come to surface regarding his work in helping and empowering black women? Which again, I stated in the video back then... More will certainly unfold as time as we know it marches on but for now, please take a moment and watch one of my most genuine shares from the other side to date! 

Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia literally confirms in an interview with  Ashleigh Banfield, that the music in Prince's vault were 'masterpieces' but wasn't something that the world would be ready for while alive but ready for now in death (hinting the deeper spiritual, conscious and enlightened nature of it) - just as I stated in my Prince video a year ealier... Click on the link;

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The only 'new' music released from Prince's vault - nothing but highly spiritual and enlightened content,

just as I stated in my 2016 video about Prince!

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The first and only video that I had done regarding Prince and several revelations and predications that

has sense been validated by people who were closest to him or within his circle. 

Leaving Neverland | Psychic/Calibration Reading on the Accusers & the Accused! #MichaelJackson

Posted by AstralBooBaby on September 15, 2019 at 11:15 AM Comments comments ()


I will explain in the sincere reasons why this story and situation has prompt me to explore, chart and rightfully respond in the fashion that I have chosen!...... I would be remiss if I were not to add that my read, commentary, opinion and prediction is NOT to be looped within the realm of exploitation, gossip, sensationalism or salaciousness! Long live those who have a pure heart; genuineness, compassion, integrity, honor and the HIGHEST of truths!


This video was completed and finished March 18, 2019.

I tried to post the video on the 20th, but it seemed that all kinds

of issues and anomalies were accruing with my computer, which caused me to have

to regroup and find other ways to post the video. When I managed to finally post the video – I got an error message that read ‘we are unable to save your video at this time, try again later’… I was perplexed by this but I kept trying to save. I tried readjusting the tags, subject title and I even tried changing the thumbnail – nothing worked.


I then went to my video manager and saw where this video was labeled as ‘blocked globally’ due to detecting copyrighted material... Mind you, this video was not published to be seen by the public at this stage… I did have no more than 4 minutes of video footage of Michael Jackson performing live on stage but there was no music, no sound and the footage that I used was listed under the ‘creative commons’ category (which means re-use is permitted). I didn’t even use the actual video footage that’s published online – I used my own video camera within the software to record the footage from the internet and saved it as a file that I created. So there’s no way this issue was detected and blocked by way of algorithms.


This all tells me that someone must have manually watched the video and immediately put the breaks on it. Nevertheless, I deleted the uploaded video and went back and re-edited this video ( took out the small footage of the live concert) which in turn added to a couple of hiccups you hear and see in this video… Re-editing this video, required an additional 5 hours of my time! I share this to make the point that the forces are always working overtime to derail, thwart or block you – especially when you are doing something right or righteous! We can theorize why this was done to this particular video but as far as I am concerned, it proves once again that some of us are being manually monitored and thus, extra censorship and manipulation tactics are definitely being implemented to control the narrative!

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Calibration/Intuitive Reading - Why Are So Many Vegans Getting Sick?

Posted by AstralBooBaby on September 15, 2019 at 11:10 AM Comments comments ()

At the request of a long time viewer and former vegan - I was asked to perform an intuitive and calibration reading as to why has there been such an increase in grave illnesses and even deaths as it relates to those who are on a strick vegan diet... Moreso, why are the stories, confessionals and likes so under reported in the media (rethorical question)...

Having stated the aforementioned - I decided to post this video because it has aspects of me using my gift to discern and read what is not so obvious to the naked eye or typical five senses. This video (as with so many others) is also one of the most ghost blocked and censored on the Youtube platform. As with all of my predictions, prophesy and inutuitive videos - my readings will be validated in their due time.

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ABB's Response To Loyal Viewer

Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 22, 2019 at 7:20 AM Comments comments ()

Originally Posted by AstralBooBaby on September 7, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Hey FAM!

Today (9/7/2011), I received an email inquiry from one of our devoted family members, who goes by the name of George Patterson, regarding a comment that I posted in a forum that he had begun about the probabilities or ‘possibilities’ surrounding 2012… I provided a response and thought that it would be a fine idea to share his question and my response (with his permission of course), with the greater community, since others are pondering the same kind of questions and concerns. It is my sincerest wish that we remain focus and not allow the distractions, fear-mongering and propaganda deter us; keep your heart-light beaming and your ‘mind’s eye’ on the prize!


“Hello Astralboobaby, I hope you are well. I noticed you responded to one of the forum posts I made and the changes that are occurring worldwide. The purpose of my email is to ask you plain and simply if there is anything to feel hopeful about in the near future because right now I just want to go, pass over. I am always in mental torment, my relationship with my family is not good and I'm suffering all the time with depression and a lack of opportunity. Even if I cannot improve my own situation is there anything on the horizon that will uplift mankind or are we in for yet another brutal torturous road ahead. Between videos you make you say there's more going on behind the scenes and I wonder what you mean. If the 5th dimension is slowly being introduced to this dimension then I should be feeling uplifted and happy and hopeful shouldn't I ?”


Yes, I am doing well and thanks for asking... I would like to take this time to answer your question -- everything is ultimately leading towards the highest good for ALL but those who are more focused on 'doomsday', 'hate', 'terrorism (those who create and perpetuate them)', greed and 'spitefulness', etc., will not realize this as quickly as those of us who no longer want to live in or tolerate this kind of negativity and all of it's ramifications... Mother earth is ready to ascend into the 5th dimensional realm; a place where great negativity cannot exist... Those who harbor negativity (destructive non-harmonic energies) and intent will either taken off of the planet or their physical anchors will die off due to a sudden illness, dis-ease or natural disaster... They cannot nor will not be able to match the increasing energetic frequency in order to stay anchored on a lighter vibratory planet (hence, proof of a higher vibratory planet is the acceleration of time as we know it)... Right now, our bodies are still dense but not as dense as they were say, last year or the year before and the density is becoming less and less as time passes -- the faster a planet spins or vibrates, the less dense it and all of its inhabitants are... Negative Beings (physical or non-physical) are dense and rely on density and negativity to exist or hold their anchor onto a respective vibratory realm... This is what the end of 2012 is ultimately bringing - a HUGE acceleration in the vibratory spin of the planet and this is where things will really get shaken up!

As previously stated; those of us who hold onto great levels of negativity depend on a slow-vibratory spin to exist but as the current of life speeds up and the elements demands a lighter heart, mind and soul, they will not be able to acclimate... Therefore, they will then leave and ultimately go onto an evolutionary plane or planet that suits their vibrational field and will continue evolving from there... Yes, the tide or pendulum is shifting but in order for it to fully manifest - all that has created the former world that we know, must fall apart (this is happening now), so that the new can emerge... The new paradigm will make it far more difficult for negativity to prevail or dominate and in due time, there will be a time in history where no negativity will exist on the planet. The reason why and how this will be done is because polarity will no longer be needed or permitted... So you see, once the planet culls off those things that creates destruction, negativity, greed, war, isms, inequality, etc., we will have the realization of a peaceful reality and this is much closer than we think! I really understand how you feel about being sick of living here -- truthfully, I have felt this way for most of my life because I've never felt connected to anything here but my relationships with family and friends...

This current material world is for the birds (so to speak) and yes, this period is going to be extremely challenging for us all (yes, all of us light workers are feeling it to some degree or another too)... Let me give you a quick analogy of what we are going through at this time; we are all going through a collective labor to give birth to a new life... When one is in labor, there is great pain and discomfort and sometimes the pain and suffering is so excruciating, one may feel like they are close to death but just before we can take it no more - the birth of a beautiful life is produced! Instantly all of the pain stops and life is no longer the same as it was before this new life came into view... This new life brings new prospects and potential and to the birther - the temporal pain and suffering given was worth the end result... So hang in there and know that before you know it - the labor will be over! There is much, much, more to look forward to -- KNOW it and OWN it (o:

A Prediction Come True Against So Many Opposing POV's #predictions #psychic #readings #messenger

Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 21, 2019 at 8:55 PM Comments comments ()

Originally published and aired on Youtube, September 12, 2012

At the beginning of the video provided below - I had 'jokingly' and 'playfully' predicted that Obama would be re-elected (or selected) for another Presidential term... It is important to archive this video link in my predictions archive because at the time, some of the most trusted and propular psychics, evangelists, bloggers, conspiracy theorists (professional fear mongers), messengers and self identified prophets were putting out predictions as such

-  that there would be no election due to an implementatiuon of Marshall Law.

-  that the former president would not be elected

-  Mainstream evangelists were stating that 'God told them' that there would be no election     because the world would be ending beforehand.

It is worth noting that these predictions were very common narratives and heavily promoted all over social media to the tune of hundreds of millions of views, hits and shares! Now let the aforementioned set in your psyche as you take a look at this not so pupular prediction that has long since come true;

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Predictions on VIRAL Prophesies & Conspiracies! #psychic #predictions #intuitiveReadings

Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 21, 2019 at 8:45 PM Comments comments ()

Previously published and aired on Youtube, September 19, 2015

My main aim was to read very popular prophesies, conspiracies and readings overwhelmingly greenlighted by some of the world's most trusted sources. As I have always stated - nothing is etched in stone when it comes to readings. Timelines can change or be manipulated and of course, free will choices can change AFTER the point a reading has been done and thus, this will most likely change an outcome. Having said that aforementioned, it is dully noted that my accuracy rate on 'public' readings are approximately 92% in accuracy. Don't believe me? Have a look at my archived readings and compare and judge for yourselves. #predictions #2013 #psychic #prophesy #prophesies #archive #astralboobaby #abb

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Predictions Made The Year of 2013

Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 21, 2019 at 8:35 PM Comments comments ()

Previously published and aired on Youtube, January 3, 2013

My main aim was to read very popular prophesies, conspiracies and readings overwhelmingly greenlighted by some of the world's most trusted sources. As I have always stated - nothing is etched in stone when it comes to readings. Timelines can change or be manipulated and of course, free will choices can change AFTER the point a reading has been done and thus, this will most likely change an outcome. Having said that aforementioned, it is dully noted that my accuracy rate on 'public' readings are approximately 92% in accuracy. Don't believe me? Have a look at my archived readings and compare and judge for yourselves. #predictions #2013 #psychic #prophesy #prophesies #archive #astralboobaby #abb

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