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Crying in nature

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 17, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a shared experience between me and omnichromiatic, I MUST share this here....

Soulwarrior post: 

"I cried in nature today. All the tears ive been keeping inside just rushed out....and it was such a freeing experience. I cried for about 10-15 minutes NONSTOP. It opened my heart a lot....and it took away all the numbness of my senses...I felt alive again...

All senses hightened , smells, visions...all senses hightened and I was totally one with life....present and alive....

I highly recommend you go out in nature and CRY as many tears as you can cry...think thoughts of love and feel the beauty of nature...and feel love and compassion for yourself and feel deep appreciation for life and for all beings you hold dear.....and all tears come out....

But be aware: All repressed (supressed) emotions will come up in the surface after crying (all energy tubes in your body will open). In my case, a lot of HATRED came out 30 minutes after the cry. All unresolved issues and trauma feelings came it was lucky that all the trees in nature took my energy

Because when we cry, we take out all repressed emotions to the surface to be healed....

So CRYYY as much as you will open your heart....

After crying, i feel high,,i feel so blissful and extatic.,,,,and it transformed my whole being.....


The heart is the door to the kingdom of heaven....

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Not Hatred, I mean ANGER.

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Wow! its amazing that you posted this! I have just recently cryed, like similar in the same way you have two days ago. I shared my experience with a friend on here who could sympathize with me.


She too explained what had happened to me in the same way you have. When I cried soul worrior, I too began to cry about everything in my life. Alot of repressed and old emotions and feelings came back TRUE feelings about everything came to the surface; feeling of saddness, loss, mourning, alienation, confusion etc. I truly felt and understand now after reading your post, that it was my HEART that was speaking and conveying how I really feel when I was crying. When I cried, I wanted to YELL, and SCREAM, and WAIL like a young child. I feel that I would have really let alot of old energy out if I had done so. I would have continued to cry if it were not for this friend asking about me, as I had promised to chat with them here.


After crying, I felt sooo much LIGHTER, and content. I felt more at peace than before, and had a gentle smile on my face. Crying really is cleansing and purifying when its sincere and genuine. Crying, and the tears/water that come along with it imo, are symbolic of the transformation and washing away or out of something thats old, obsolete, or repressed, Crying is a way for our bodies to naturally rid of emotions and energy that has currently affected us, or has been affecting us for a long time. Crying is one of the best Catharsis for the body.


Thanks Soulwarrrior! Ive been watching the information you have been projecting lately and I must say I am resonating with alot of it. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep being and doing you

Much Love <3


Posted by LifeWonderer on April 11, 2013 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (3)

 Hey I hope everyone is doing great! :D I've been having this idea and feeling floating around me for awhile. It kind of started after i watched astralboobaby's video about twin flames and soulmates. So I've been seeing my boyfriend for 3 years now. Everythings fine and I think that he's a wonderful person who's unrivaled to anyone i've ever known. But for me I just feel like we're so different and I just feel like we're not really meant to be. I'm confused because I don't know if it's from the idea of having a soulmate and I'm just not aware how a soulmate would be like but I don't feel a strong connection with him. Can anybody tell me what it feels like to have a soulmate? and for anyone who can read people I would like to know if I'll ever find my soulmate or have already found him. I'd really appreciate any advice or help. Thanks everyone even if you just read :) I love everyone on here!!

Life is a dream.

Posted by FreeFaller[Dreamer] on January 28, 2012 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Here's an epiphany i had a year ago, i'm sure this is review for some, but i just wanted type this out in words for clarity, rather than leaving it a soupy mess in my scrambled human mind.




Your life is a dream.


There's a red apple right next to you (no joke). The light coming from outside, or the lamp, hits the apple, and every color besides red is absorbed into the apple, and red is reflected back. Your eyes pick up this light and convert it into electrical signals through the optic nerve, and that is the apple that you are seeing. The apple you see is a mere interpretation [of what's actually there?].

And this goes for all senses. Anything you see, hear, taste, touch, and or smell [is] are electrical signals in our brains (from a scientific, empiricist view point). This can be the apple, the chair, your body, the stars or the Universe. The "Universe" part may sound.. extreme, but we know it exists, we are part of it, yes??  

So you can agree that everything exists within your mind, yes?? We live in a world of mind-over-matter. But with that being said, when we go to sleep, and dream at night, all we're seeing are electrical signals in our brains, right?? hmm... :X did that ring a bell?? What's the difference then??

We go to sleep at night, we dream, and if lucid we can [to some extent] do whatever we want, we can fly, walk on water, or pull wooden pancakes out from the exhaust pipes of purple toasters. In our waking reality dream, should we not be able to do all these kinds of things?? Perhaps it's because of the beliefs (or lies) that have been ingrained into our minds and passed on from generation to generation, and after all, we are co-creators of this reality, yes?? This is seriously reminding me of Sonia Barrett's You're in a Virtual Game, you know, with the wiring and programming of the human mind?? If we're beguiled and taking all of these 3D "rules" up the ass, then altogether we must be co-creating the world based on what we've all been taught... yeahh, power scares me hahaha

Really we're just entering our own (or "their") input into the matrix of existence, where the sum of all of our beliefs create the outcome of what we call "reality". It's supposed to be a

So if Life=Mind

and  Dream= Mind

then Life= Dream, and now that you know that your life is a big dream (with endless possibilities), than you must be Lucid now, yes?? in other words, awaken?? 

Any Fam living in Arizona?

Posted by Seth on December 21, 2011 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (3)

I'm taking my leave to Arizona next weekend , I'm going to miss Ny , any tips and info on Arizona?