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Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 27, 2020 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (2063)

As stated in my live-stream, published on YouTube on August 16, 2020 - I briefly shared a visitation experience by way of an astral layer within my bedroom space... I also mentioned that I would likely recreate the image of the group of Beings who showed up in a parallel window (portal) within the same space of my bedroom… They were lurking in on me as I was enjoying a telepathic engagement with my dearly departed mother, who’s energy was right next to me......


When I had awakened on the astral plane to which I could perceive these Beings -- I noticed three were already peering in on me and then another came and another... About 6 to 8 of them were eagerly gathering into the window... They seem like really joyful and happy creatures! They were all chattering at a high pitch, which sounded sort of chip-monkish but once I had zoomed in on the one that first that caught my mind's eye and I literally heard it chanting 'how do you do?' over and over again! This was an immediate reminder of my mother who transitioned the end of 2018… Hence, when my mother lived on earth, she greeted everyone she met with a very enthusiastic 'how do you do?'....


No doubt about it -- these Beings were clearly intelligent, but they were also magical, majestic-like, beautiful, adorable, cute and energetically alluring all at once times 100! The vision was one thing, but their energy was something else... It was obvious that they really wanted to come to me! It was also obvious that they knew me but obviously I did not consciously remember or know them. At one point, they had begun projecting through the portal (window) in order to get to me, but I mentally told them to not come in and they obliged. It was at this point that the older of the group telepathically stated, "I don't think that not even He knows who he is and how great He is!"


These Beings looked alike but there were subtle variations in their features and personalities... The image below is the best I could do in order to demonstrate how they looked. I didn't see the lower part of their body, but the upper form was pretty close to what you are seeing here... The most obvious physical traits were their large heads - which reminded me of a humanoid child's head and they literally glowed from within of beautiful bright white!... The most stunning attribute were their eyes -- they looked like super luminous yet, sparkly and shimmering jet-black diamonds. This picture does not do them any justice but hey, it is what it is. To all my astral, inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional travelers out there – have you ever seen Beings like these? If so, I would love to hear your take on who they are.


Prince Speaks From The Otherside - Predictions CONFIRMED

Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 27, 2019 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (3074)

Back in May of 2016, I was summoned (if you will) to the astral plane to participate in a gathering for the artist the world has come to know as Prince. At the time, I had no 'conscious' memory as to why I was called and why Prince of all celebrities? It wasn't like I was a fan, follower or supporter because I sure wasn't but like so many other revelations I've come to clearly ultra-stand, the deeper meaning behind that past experience has come full circle. Not only was Prince watching some of my content and content similar to mine before passing but he too was a natural astral traveler and he was super present and conscious of there being more to him, us and the universe than meets the eye! Not only that, I now know that we are apart of the same soul-group and that he's chosen to give me special downloads to share with the public! I've also interacted with him on other planes of consciousness since my first and only Youtube video about him but it is not for me to share any of the aforementioned nor what our astral meetings were all about but in due time, I surely will. 

In the interim, I would like to challenge anybody to find any other video by another psychic, channeler or intuitive who has shared any predictions that I stated would come to be regarding Prince since his passing, as accurate as what was shared in the video below? For example, Prince ex-wife Mytae did an interview about a year after his passing and she was asked by the interviewer if she heard the songs in his vault? She said 'yes' but the songs were very spiritual and that Prince told her that he didn't feel the world was ready for them (songs), exactly as stated in this video! Also, only one song was released from the vault since Prince passing and it's' titled 'Deliverance'. If those lyrics in that song don't match what I've stated about Prince's being on a higher state of awareness and enlightenment, I don't know what it does? No full album was released yet because Warner Brothers probably thought that the vault would have 'salacious' 'worldly' songs! There's more! Prince's hairdresser did an interview admitting that Prince wanted to cut all of his hair off and go short and natural right before he passed! What about all of the info. that's has come to surface regarding his work in helping and empowering black women? Which again, I stated in the video back then... More will certainly unfold as time as we know it marches on but for now, please take a moment and watch one of my most genuine shares from the other side to date! 

Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia literally confirms in an interview with  Ashleigh Banfield, that the music in Prince's vault were 'masterpieces' but wasn't something that the world would be ready for while alive but ready for now in death (hinting the deeper spiritual, conscious and enlightened nature of it) - just as I stated in my Prince video a year ealier... Click on the link;

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The only 'new' music released from Prince's vault - nothing but highly spiritual and enlightened content,

just as I stated in my 2016 video about Prince!

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The first and only video that I had done regarding Prince and several revelations and predications that

has sense been validated by people who were closest to him or within his circle. 


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 30, 2019 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (510)

A friend sent me this link earlier... So, I decided that I would share it with you guys... I know that these things sound insane from the perspective of one who hasn't experienced anything remotely close to it. Nonetheless, as I have been stating for years; there are non-human intelligences, forces and entities all around us... There are realities vibrating on different frequencies all around us that cannot be decoded or seen through the basic 5 senses. Last but not least, reality is far more expansive and fluid than meets the eye... CHECK IT OUT 

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Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 29, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (727)

I was transported to another place this morning through a powerful rainbow magnetic spiral (Yes, I was wide awake)... The preparation, feeling and sensation to a bi or teleportation is somewhat different from an astral projection experience! One of the things that makes this way of travel different from astral travel is that the mode of travel seems to be generated by an ‘outside’ force, whereas astral travel, always starts from ‘within’...

I was transported to another place this morning through a powerful rainbow magnetic spiral (Yes, I was wide awake)... The magnetic pull was so intense, that it literally pulled my physical mattress approximately 5 inches from its base border in the direction from which the doorway or portal had opened! It also lifted up my physical body and pulled it forward on its side with almost no effort! When my energy body transported through this rainbow spiral, I almost instantaneously found myself sitting next to an Ethiopian looking woman on a tier within what appeared to be an interior dwelling; she had a child in her lap. There were other children playing approximately 7 feet away from us just below the tier level that we were on. Being a little confused as to what happened prior to the teleportation and where I was -- I extended my hand and introduced myself to woman that I found myself sitting next to. She smiled and extended her hand politely shook mine and they felt very wet. She immediately apologized for getting juice on my hand... I told her, that it was ok but as I said this, I was thinking - where in the world am I now? So, I asked her where was I? And she said, with a smile on her face 'you are in Corta'... Then I asked, Corta? She said yes... Then, I said and asked again “I am in Corta?” - just to make sure that I would remember the place and word upon returning to my 4th dimensional vessel… It was at this point, that she and another young and beautiful Ethiopian looking woman, who unbeknownst to me was sitting behind me, said ‘yes, Corta!'... The young woman sitting behind me was looking puzzled like ‘why isn’t he comprehending what we are saying here, lol?’ Just when I was about to ask more questions, I felt a vibratory shift and was back to this world.

I immediately jumped up and started to Google the word 'Corta' but my findings were limited. I am wondering though, has anyone ever heard of or know of a term or place called Corta, Caorta or Courtah (not sure of the actual spelling?)… There is some kind of significance to this for sure… I already have my own thoughts and feelings as to what this was but I would like to get as much unbiased feedback as possible before I make any final conclusions.


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 24, 2019 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (833)

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By popular demand, I have re-drawn the elemental that I described in this particular video; seen below! I tried to get as much detail in this image as possible but this depiction still doesn't do justice to the wind elemental that I had seen during one of my most profound travels beyond the extreme ristrictions of this physical world. The image above is a scaled down version but the image, which looses a lot of details. The image below is a blown up larger than life version (this environment sort of distorted it more from the original) of the elemental. I made 2 versions because its difficult to see the details of the elemental in the smaller cropped photo (above), than it is for the larger than life sized version (below).

ABB's Predictions/Probabilities for 2017!

Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 28, 2017 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (637)

Originally posted on the homepage January 1, 2017.


I have made prediction and probability videos in the past based on popular prophesies and conspiracy theories but this year, I have decided to publish my most pressing projections for 2017, as the main topic and theme for the first month of the year!


I would be remiss if I were not to state that whenever a prediction or likely-probability has been deciphered - it is based on the specific time and place the reading was done. Due to the combination of our collective awakening, energetic shifts, Mandela effect and CERN – there’s an increase in erratic and quicker shifts in projection than ever before!

For obvious reasons, I cannot list specific names on certain readings due to the level of sensitivity surrounding the read but should the reading play out – you will know who the person(s) implied are... Last but not least, I must warn you in advance that a few of these readings may be a bit unsettling to some but as with any prophesy, prediction or potential - nothing is ever truly set in stone! Therefore, if you read a potential that is bothersome or unsettling; meditate, pray and set an intent to help change the outcome OR trust and know that everything that occurs will serve as a catalyst and will lead all of humanity towards a collective state of realization and knowing.

11 Potentials to Play Out On The World Stage in 2017

By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

Donald Trump


Despite a concerted effort by many American citizens via protests; special interest groups and political adversaries to derail Donald Trump’s Presidency – He will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. However, I don't see the completion of a full term (90% probability)

 Wars & Rumors of Wars?

World War III was indeed thwarted due to the win of Donald Trump! However, I do feel that a false flag, conflict, blame and controversy (Cold War) involving Russia, America and Israel may mount, as special interest groups and sects fan the flames and play the ‘blame game’ to provoke and intensify the probability of a ‘hot war’ and the war on the free flow of information. (82% probability)


Illegal Immigrants

The building of the great fence along the borders of New Mexico will be the newly elect’s top priority in conjunction to deporting millions of illegal immigrants with criminal records. However, his effort will be met with controversy and resistance as His action will be widely criticized, interpreted and cited as racially bias, which will fuel racial tensions (93% probability)


Warring In Israel 



Conflict in Israel will spark unprecedented exodus and an even more unprecedented immigration into East of Germany (87% probability)


Civil Unrest


Civil unrest and protests will continue all over the country in response to Trumps inauguration and presidency -- pockets of chaos and unrest increases in New York, Texas and Baltimore after unarmed citizens are shot and killed by cops (91% probability)

Passing of Political Icons

Great losses on the political landscape in 2017 – A very powerful and influential female politician will be transitioning due to matters related to the brain (85% probability) and former US President will pass due to a heart attack (92% probability)

Censorship of Alternative News Outlets

Efforts by political giants to politicize and demonize ‘fake news’ of alternative outlets will escalate - the goal is to weaken the credibility of independent and alternative media outlets in order to justify laws to censor and further control the free flow of information. However, the aforementioned efforts will backfire and will attract an even greater audience to alternative media outlets (92% probability)

Scandal & Controversy


Shock, scandal and controversy erupts at a fever pitch in 2017 surrounding a series of expose’ and arrests of very wealthy, influential and celebrated politicians, celebrities and government officials for their respective connections to child pornography, pedophilia and/or child sex trafficking (92% probability)

Bizarre Occurences



Colossal sink-holes causes the fall of large infrastructures and populated areas to collapse underground or under water in Europe – location most likely to be affected United Kingdom, France and Spain (86% probability)


Increased Untimely and Suspicious Passing of More Icons of Entertainment

Highly suspicious and the untimely passing of four (4) iconic pop stars from the eighties (80% probability); will also loose thirteen (13) popular actors/actresses. Frequency of losses will generate and attract more interest in alternative media and conspiracy theory outlets (92% probability)


Official Disclosure of Another Kind?



In conjunction to escalation of UFO sightings all over the world – an official announcement will be made by highly respected and reputable sources that we are not alone in the universe will be announced (95% probability)



The Mandela Effect ??? Another Possibility to the Phenomenon?

Posted by AstralBooBaby on December 30, 2016 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (582)

The Mandela Effect – Another Possibility to the Phenomenon?

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about or interested in the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect - perhaps this is because we have all we have all witnessed or experienced situations corresponds? No matter the reason for one's point of interest, the subject matter is relevant and as the veil become thinner - this subject matter and then some, will remain a major point of focus!

What is the Mandela Effect?... It is an event or occurrence that happens when a person or collective group of people has a clear memory of something that seemingly never happened in this reality. The term was coined in 2010, by a blogger named Fiona Broome, who had described an experience at a convention called Dragon Con. Fiona had discovered that others had a false memory similar to hers, which was that Nelson Mandela had died during his imprisonment in the 1980s. She made a connection with a collective memory of Mandela actually passing away in prison in the eighties yet somehow be released from prison to go on become President of South Africa! Myself and others that I know have clear memories of the media reporting that Mandela had passed away in prison. This memory is etched in my mind because I had a few passionate Afro-centric teachers and elders in my life at the time, who had expressed great grief and sadness of the news. However, we all know that a different reality has played out but why and how?


I would like to share a personal account to which I feel is a major factor of influence in this regard. Imagine an actual play-by-play of events that a few people have a clear experience of occurring, only to have it actually play out with mass consciousness, months or even years before after the fact? Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain... In the early months of 2011 - I was on the telephone engaging in some pretty in-depth conversations regarding the metaphysical with a longtime friend. Somewhere during that call, my friend asked me if I had heard the news that Don Cornelius, TV host and founder of Soul Train, had committed suicide by way of a gunshot wound to the head? I told him that I had not heard anything on the matter but he proceeded to speak in more details of his disbelief of the news. I recall him stating that he was listening to the local news from the living room television, as he was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. After our conversation ended, I logged online to find any news article, video or feed that would give the details on the claim but to no avail. When I found nothing to validate what my friend said that he heard, I simply put it off and didn’t think anything else about it. 

February 1st 2012 - the official news broke that Don Cornelius had committed suicide, by way of a gunshot wound to the head! Everyone was talking about it and the news of the tragedy was everywhere! It was at this point that my distressed friend called me to ask, if I recall him speaking of this occurring almost a year prior to? Needless to say that he was very confused and couldn't figure out how could he had possibly been wide awake, hearing of this news from the television almost a year before it had happened? All I could tell him at the time is that he is not loosing his mind - that this is clearly related to the paradigm shift. Upon doing research for this article - I tried to find any story or testimony, similar to what we had experienced, in relation to the death of Don Cornelius. I didn't find anything but that does not mean that others haven't experienced something likened to. For now, this experience appears to be unique to my friend and I but in these unprecedented times, we should all pay attention to what is unfolding around us. I have a strong feeling that some among us are shifting in and out of alternate timelines and perhaps, this may well be a symptom of spontaneous time travel.


In most instances, the Mandela effect is overwhelmingly recognized by a collective group whereby subtle alterations in every facet of society (mostly media and history) is different from what a collective group of people may remember. The alternative memories can be found in everything from DVDs, history books, newspaper archives, and so on. The lingering question of the day is how is this all possible? Some people attribute it to the cosmic paradigm shift and as a result, several alternate memories and parallel realities colliding with one another and we are seamlessly moving back and forth between the fabric of time and space. Others are saying that this could be the result of manipulation of timelines by savvy inter-dimensional forces with highly advanced technology to thwart global cataclysmic events. Some believe that this is the by product of CERN. Last but certainly not least, many believe that this could be the result of people time traveling and altering subtle things in order to shift an spiritual and ecological equation. I personally feel that all of the aforementioned matters and then some are indeed contributing factors.



As I have been stating for years, reality is not as solid and fixed as we perceive it to be – and I have more than enough experience to know this for a fact. Modern scientists are cosigning the fact that we are in a virtual computerized universe and this in itself has staggering implications! The great awakening in conjunction to energetic expansion has to be considered as well. Make no mistakes about it, we're experiencing events that is surely speeding up our collective understanding and evolution as a species at an unprecedented pace! It is such a magical and magnificent time to be alive on earth at this time! So, please keep your eyes opened and your intentions clear and in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Anakin Skywalker, from the Epic film series Star Wars -- “may the force BE with you!”




Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM

An astral parasite is defined as; an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment or sustenance. It could also be defined as a person/being or entity who receives support, advantage, or the like from another or others without giving any useful or proper return.

 Make no mistake about it, parasites are everywhere in dense physical life and the truth is that this is no different on subtler planes of existence! However, for this month's theme, I wish to focus specifically on the vibratory layers and frequencies that we define as the astral realm(s). Ironically, we all witness the presence of astral parasitic influences all of the time through people that we see and interact with everyday! In fact, I have learned that no biological form is immune to astral influences! It's all a matter of us learning to know what to look for!

Just as we have microorganisms and the likes that attach themselves to us in dense physical reality, astral parasites behave in a very similar fashion. The only difference is that astral parasites cannot be seen or detected through 3D tools or systems. These parasites can only be recognized via pineal gland activation; strong intuition/discernment and the power of the divine spirit.

Based on what I have experienced and observed by way of many travels to and from the astral realms - parasites can cover a very broad range of shapes, expressions and forms. For example, some of them appear to be geometric in shape, while others appear to be plasma; spherical, ghostly and foggy and then there are those that appear to be similar to bizarre looking insects, alien-like or dark and shadowy. Some astral parasites may even look similar to human skeletons! However, the most notable and influential astral parasites, appear to be those who hold the form of reptilian or clown. I would surmise that the aforementioned types are commonly seen and labeled as ‘demons’ or ‘djinns’, although both entities can take on more of a broader range of shapes, forms and appearances.

Just as nature has given to us life forms that feed off of various forms of pests or insects that could be parasitic and problematic if not held in check - it appears that the lower astral planes has a similar set up. Astral pests and bugs are being held in check by forms, such as astral spiders! I had done a YouTube video in 2003, about astral spiders due to them being commonly seen by other astral travelers. Astral spiders are without exception, extraordinarily larger than earth spiders and like earth spiders, they come in a broad range of shapes and colors. They all seem to be highly charged, telepathic, psychic and intelligent! Some may argue that any spider or critter, be it physical or astral is not a positive thing but with regard to astral spiders, I have found them to be a positive element for defense and protection against smaller astral bugs and parasites. Indeed, astral spiders help to keep other astral parasites in check by blocking, neutralizing and even absorbing their respective psychic or energetic chords. Therefore, if you happen to see an astral spider as you travel about but you don't feel drained or tired the next morning, CONGRATULATIONS, you have a powerful tool of protection against astral parasites, by way of an astral spider! 



Any conscious or sentient Being who has been to or gained access to the astral realms is at risk of attracting astral parasites and it does not matter if we are consciously accessing the astral realm or not.  I have learned that there are certain individuals who are the most likely to attract them! Astral parasites can latch on to one’s astral, emotional and/or light body in order to feed off of one’s energy centers (chakras). They can also plant thought projections into the mind of its target to influence or possess the host. They can also send electrical signals and impulses to the mind via the auric field in order to move the host to engage in aggressive behavior patterns that attracted the parasite to begin with. In other words, it appears that if we are already engaging in thought-forms, behavior and patterns that are appealing to an astral parasite - we can magnetize the parasites and they can influence us to engage in the behavior far more frequently than we would have done, on our own accord.

Whether we are a Being who travels the astral realm spontaneously, as a voyeur, investigator or to do clearing work - we will quickly learn that portions of the astral realms are very dim to down right dark and gloomy (the lower or lowest realms in particular). However, like a moth to a flame - some astral forms will be drawn to those of us have larger auras and/or bright radiant light from within but the parasite will observe from a safe distance because our protection barrier is very strong at in this state! We could literally obliterate an entity or parasite when/if our light bodies are vibrating at a certain frequency! On the contrary, Beings who are in a perpetual state of negative thought projections, emotions and behavior, are the most vulnerable to astral parasites! The reason for this is because when we are in any of the aforementioned states - our aura becomes weak and our inner-light is dimmed. Our energy streamers will begin vibrating very slowly and thus, we will be giving off electromagnetic pulses that would be the closest energy source or 'life' force for the said parasites.

Mind Altering Substances Can Make Us Very Vulnerable To Parasites!

Everything is energy and has a multi-dimensional subtle copy of itself crossing dimensional layers and timelines. Therefore, that which we smoke, drink or place on us, will affect us physically, mentally, energetically, psychologically and ethereally. Substances that hold heavy vibratory imprint will not only dim one’s inner light but weaken the aura and create a disconnect between mind and soul. As I have stated in the past, when we are not in control of our own mind – someone or something else will be in control of it! Astral parasites, entities or what many label as demons are specifically drawn to individuals who are under the influence; this is primarily due to the greater propensity to mind-control or possess his/her host.

Those of us who are very fearful, selfish, greedy, deceptive, lustful, hostile, vengeful, war-like, hateful, and violent are by far the most desired by some of the more aggressive and insidious astral parasites. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the world’s most infamous and notable serial killers, war mongers, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles and lovers of violence have or/had astral parasites and attachments of monstrous proportions! Hosts and hostesses for these 'possessive' types are an easy gateway and target by Beings who want to generate the energy of chaos, pain and suffering, so as to experience and harvest these energies.


The symptoms that I listed can be attributed to many conditions and possibilities. However in this regard, I am listing all that I have been able to map over the years via intuition, discernment, experience and observation. The operative word is ‘may’ in relation to the symptoms listed in conjunction to astral parasites. If you are or know someone who’s having any or all of these symptoms, please seek higher or professional counsel to rule out any potential medical issues.


  • Sudden impulse, thought or strong desire to do or perform something that is out of character.
  • Acute depression w/pessimistic attitude.
  • Strong interest in being entertained or take part in violence or violent acts.
  • Abdominal discomfort/consistent fluttering and cyclical pain.
  • Lacking in self control; feeling as if you will is not your own.
  • Feeling extremely tired and lethargic in the morning and/or during the day, no matter how much sleep or rest you may be getting.
  • Chronic headache or backaches in the mist of having done anything to cause such a thing to occur to begin with.
  • Sudden reoccurring nightmares (will see strange beings and creatures) and night terrors; anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Hearing voices in your head; commands and directions to perform a harmful duty or act to yourself or others.
  • Expressions of obsessive and compulsive behavior.
  • Strong desire to eat or drink foods that are not commonly or normally consumed.
  • Desire to participate or explore sexual acts and activity not organic to self.
  • Sudden and acute hyper sexuality.
  • Dramatic change in personality and speaking voice.
  • Consistently cranky, agitated and paranoid for no apparent reason.
  • Forgetfulness; doing, saying and performing things but having no memory of them.
  • Extreme and instantaneous mood swings (bipolar).
  • Constant thoughts of suicide.




The good news is that with consistency, dedication and discipline, it is not that difficult to shake-off (astral) or protect one's self against parasitic attachments. The very best solution in this regard is to hold a strong defense! Maintaining a strong body electric is 'key' because having a strong mind, body and soul is the equivalent of keeping an impeccable multi-dimensional immune system!


  • Periodic detoxification of the body and major organs with all-natural herbs, juices and oils.
  • Eat foods high in electricity (all green) and lots of sun-lighted or alkaline water
  • Greatly reduce or totally remove dense meats and processed foods from your diet. (Naturally these items hold dense energy, which could weigh down your energy bodies and weaken your auric field)
  • Practice celibacy or abstinence periodically for at least 3 to 4 months (includes no masturbation).
  • Do not use any mind altering substances such as synthetic drugs, alcohol, laced marijuana or cigarettes.
  • Remove yourself from dark and heavily dense people, places and things and step into places full of life, light and love!
  • Meditate or spend quality time taking in rays from the sun!
  • Refrain from impulses, behaviors and urges that are in alignment with some of the slow-vibratory behavior previously listed.
  • Routinely burn rosemary, white sage and smudge the corners of your most common dwellings.
  • Make use of all natural oils, candles, incenses, created and designed maximize one’s health, wealth, vibratory frequency and spiritual clarity!
  • Keep your dwellings clean and orderly and your body fresh and clean (negative astral parasites thrive on foulness)!


In a nutshell, the very best way to deal with any parasite is to simply stop entertaining, focusing and doing the very things that is attracting and feeding them! Don’t cooperate with the parasite and it will inevitably leave or die off.

Continue to question, learn and GROW!


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 31, 2016 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (2300)



By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby


A loyal supporter and Youtube viewer, had recently written me to inquire about a revelation shared by another spiritualist who happens to be a natural at astral projection. The revelation was regarding the occurrence of a severe astral storm that caused the death of millions on the astral plane. The bringer of this news requested prayers for all of the souls and spirits who were impacted by such an unprecedented event. Understandably, this news sparked a lot of questions and concerns, questions and even fears, in not only the person who reached out to me but others who had read or heard the shocking news.


The person who wrote me (whose name will remain anonymous) is seeking my perspective on the matter, had posed some very good questions and I will now use this opportunity to respond to those questions to the best of knowledge. It is my intent that I may bring clarity, peace and higher insights for all who need it.




Although I was not a witness to the event in question, I was able to get a confirmation that such an event had occurred. However, in the past, I have witnessed massive white neon white clouds of clearing energies sweep across the astral plane and even tornadoes. These storm-like energies are generated by the group consciousness of anchors and pillars still living on earth who wish to help bring balance and to help free many souls who are there to 'see the light' (so to speak). These are also Beings who are living on earth but are doing a great deal of work on the astral but just as there are Beings who want to bring peace, balance and order on the astral, there are forces that enjoy and revel in the opposite.

The astral realm can generate similar storms that we experience on the physical plane and those storms can be generated by a built up anger, rage, fear, hate, maliciousness intent (by malevolent entities and forces) and gloom by a collective group consciousness as well. Astral storms of such a destructive magnitude are very rare and I attribute the unprecedented storm to a combination of an out of balance collective group consciousness in conjunction to the acceleration of subatomic particles affected by the massive paradigm shift that has been incrementally unfolding within the universe for many years now.

I surmise that two extreme events catapulted ferocious thought forms and energies at such an accelerated rate, that no one saw it coming. No matter the reason, never forget that all layers of reality seek to create balance within and for ‘self’ and I am sure that this recent event on the astral is no different. In essence, this is ‘cause and effect’ playing out as it rightfully should.




Those who were affected by this storm appear Beings and souls who have chosen to live or remain on the astral plane after physical death, for one reason or another. This would explain the ‘death’ for these Beings because they do not have a physical body waiting on earth for them to come back and generate or rebuild another astral body via a dense physical body. For more information on reasons why some souls may choose to live or stay on the astral realms for prolonged periods, please reference my Youtube video; What Happens When We Die.



Based on what I have learned thus far, the answer to this question is ‘yes and no’… If we are using an astral vehicle by way of a physical body, our astral body can be stopped, impaired or slowed down from having any direct influence or impact on the astral plane. For example, a close friend shared an event where she was attacked on the astral plane by someone who is still living on earth. She visualized a larger than life size ice-sickle and impaled her attacker in the upper body with it. She witnessed her attacker appear to die but what she had actually done was blocked off this person’s ability to access the astral realm in a ‘physical-like’ way. The person’s astral-body is now immobile and useless for her ‘attackers’ spirit and/or consciousness to use. However, her attacker can create or regenerate her astral body by way of her physical form but this could take months and even years to achieve! I would be remiss if I were not to state that we can generate or regenerate an astral body by way of our physical body. The physical body and soul can absorb rays from the sun and star-dust from the physical and create as many astral bodies that we have the discipline and focus to create and generate. Again, that is until the physical form and connection to the sun is completely severed. If my dear friend was attacked and impaled by someone who only had an astral body, that Being would be rendered incapable of regenerating and their astral form will simply recycle back into the astral realm and their spirit will be released.


Remember! Having an astral body is much like having a physical one… They are both temporary modes of transportation (vehicles) designed for us to interact, experience and influence, in a more impacting and direct way within the reality, realm or world of our respective interests. Once that vehicle has been compromised or destroyed, our spirit, consciousness and soul is shifted or released and the vehicle once used is recycled in their respective environments. In the ultimate scope of view, the real you, me and/or US, is ONE with all that there is and yet to BE! So, fear not my friends! No matter what vessels or vehicles we encase, we are and will always BE in some form or another, for eternity!



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Originally shared and posted in the private 'member's only' forum section of I decided to repost and share in the global blog section because I felt that someone outside of the member community will be inspired by this story!

I had made a stop to a nearby breakfast shop to get something to charge me up... Upon locking and closing my car door, I saw that I had left my car keys on the driver's seat.... In that moment, I told myself that I am not going to spend a dime to pay someone to unlock the car door and so, I had begun working to get inside of the car...

Although the window on the driver's side was rolled all the way up -- the window on the passenger side was rolled down about a half inch -- So, my first thought was to find a long thin but sturdy stick or switch with a hook on the end to manipulate the lock... I walked around a fence, separting the parking lot from a small wooded area... There were sticks on the ground and I found one that I thought would do the job... I took the stick and tried my best to pry the lock... The first stick didn't work and ended up trying 3 other sticks and had eventually got close with one... I was determined! Then I began thinking to myself "Gosh, if I had a wired clothes hanger, that would do the trick"... In my mind, I was thinking - there just might be a chance that I could find a one (clothes hanger) somewhere on the ground (seriously)... So, I began looking around for a hanger in conjunction to a better stick... Found another suitable stick but no hanger.... So, I took the stick and tried to finish prying the door lock latch further back. At this point, my sister called and I answered... I had told her what had happened and she was more than ready to put in leave at work and bring me the extra pair of keys that I had given her years ago, for security measure... I told her that she will not need to do this because (and I quote), "I AM going to get this door opened without having to pay someone to do it"... I then said, if only I had a wire hanger... "I NEED A WIRE HANGER"... I kid you not -- I looked down on ground and saw an unfolded wire hanger laying directly in front of concrete bumper directly in front of my car!!! I immediately said to my sister... "you are not going to believe this but here is a wire hanger, right in front of my car"... The hanger was somewhat rusty but I figured that it would do the trick...


So, I picked up the hanger and began bending it to my satisfaction and manuvered it down inside the door window and caught the latch and pulled, but it wouldn't unhinge the lock! Mind you, my sister was still on the cellphone, as I was doing my best to get the door opened... Upon realizing that I wasn't going to get any success with the hanger, I said to my sister once again "I am not going to let you go through all of the trouble of getting off early from work and driving home to come all the way back across my neck of the woods, just to bring me spare keys"... Once again, I said, this door will be opened without all of the extra hassle... I kid you not - 30 seconds after saying this - I saw a guy walking across the parking lot looking at me, as if he wanted to ask if I needed help... Just before he could actually say anything -- I hand signaled him to come over... As he got closer, I said "excuse me but I locked my keys in the car and I am having trouble retrieving it"... "Do you have something that I could use to get it open?".... He then asked, "what kind of door lock to you have?" He walked over to the passenger side to look down through the car window in order to see what kind of lock I had (Of course, I went over to the driver's side and stood there, just in case, he tried something funny).... He then said "Oh, I can get this open"... He then walked around the fence, and searched the same area that I had originally started my search for a stick that would fit through the window... He got a stick came to the car and push the stick straight down inside the car window and pressed 'down' on the 'unlock' button on the lower end of the door and unlocked it without a hitch!     

I was relieved but felt like an idiot at the same time because I didn't even consider the side 'lock and unlock' button... I spent all of that time trying to pull back and unlock the latch, totally forgetting that there was a simple 'push' button on the lower bottom of the car door as well. I immediately said to him "DUH, I forgot that there was an emergency lock on lower level of the door"... He then said "No problem, I know about these things because this is what I do for a living" and then he smiled, winked at me and then walked away (interpret that one however you want, lol)... Now, please tell me -- what are the odds that there would be a hanger on the ground of a restaurant, directly in front of my car, upon wanting one... What are the odds that some guy, who seemingly came from nowhere - coming to my aid with expertise in the respective area?

I used to manifest instantaneously a lot when I was in grade school - especially high school... It would usually happen when I was stranded or lost... For instance, I used to have to ride the metro bus to get to and from school. There were occassions when I had lost my bus tokens or lose my money and would literally have a dollar, token or some change appear next to my foot or directly behind me, upon realizing the loss (which was usually as I was waiting for a bus to come). The money or token wasn't the money or token I had lost because they would usually be old and have rust on them... Whereas the money or tokens that I had lost would be fresh, new or clean! There were times when I felt great danger and out of nowhere - someone or something would show up and thrwart the situation (too many for me to list).... 

Anyway, I cut some corners on this story but I would like to know if any of you guys ever had an instant manifestation story? If you don't mind -- do share.