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Inpiring, encouraging, uplifting and empowering ALL who are receptive, one light at a time!

Site purpose and mission - The goal of this portal is to foster a place where alternative modes of information, healing and self help tools can presented, shared and discussed by those of us who do not have a voice in 'popular' circles or mainstream platforms. We tend to attract members individuals who are opened minded but yet, discerning and respectfully analytical of all information shared or presented.

We support the freedom of free thought, expression and the free flow of information. We do not support or promote dogma, discrimination, disrespect or divisiveness of any kind. In essence, we are a network of like-minded individuals of all walks of life, who sincerely want to build and uphold bridges aimed towards higher inner-standing.


Donations are requested in order to pay for tools, resources and manpower to manage, expand, improve and sustain the overall design, 

content, integrity and functionality of this site and community. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!

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In this video installment; I will list the elements that we take with us with hopes that more people start harnessing and investing in the things that truly matters in the bigger picture!
From a fellow Aquarian and in honor of the Aquarian age - I freely share an orchestration and design, to help you to relax your mind, body and feed your soul! Enjoy beautiful imagery, frequencies and tones via original instrumental tracks by yours truly.

By special request... Inheritances are not always tied to wealth, greatness, material gains or a prideful legacy. In this installment, I will speak on the erroneous genetic, psychological and mental inheritance and why and how we the 'righteous' among us have a responsibility to overwrite these deficits from within in order to transform that which IS 'with-out'.

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Spirituality of another level!